Monday, November 21, 2005

Movie Review - Harry Potter

So Friday was a very rushed day for me. I went to Atlanta for the morning to look at some software for the store. It looks like we're going to get it so it was a worth while trip. Some friends of ours have just moved back in to town so we went to see a movie with them. They said "We'll do dinner and a movie on Friday, and we'll make dinner." Fine. They bought tickets to a 7:00 show. I was doing 90-100 in my mother-in-laws car to try to make it there and back in time. I got to the movie theater at 6:50 and hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast. They were making dinner so that was fine. Just before the movie starts they said "Sorry guys, we forgot to make dinner." That was it. So my hot wife and I sat there absolutely starving through the entire two hour and forty five minute movie.

Now for the movie. I don't know that I would say it's the best one of the series, but it's pretty damn good. As long as it was, it almost seemed like they cut it short. It seemed like there was more to it that they skipped. In the other movies you know when the seasons change throughout the school year. This one had the feeling of "Hey, it's Christmas...remember New Years two months ago? Well, time to head home for the summer, be sure to write occasionally." The movie was good, and worth seeing in the theaters for sure. If you don't like the Harry Potter movies then obviously your name is Mike. I give the movie four stars just because it did seem like it was missing something. I'm not a fan of the book, but the book people I know say the books are better. I'm more of a visual guy so I like the movies.

As for the rest of our weekend, we had some friends over on Saturday and watched The Longest Yard again. They hadn't seen it and it's funny so we watched it again. Most of the day Sunday we cleaned crap out of the garage. We got rid of boxes of stuff. It's very liberating really. Where we used to not be able to walk through the garage, we know have a work out area with a punching bag for me, and an arts and craft area for my hot wife. I was hoping to make it a parking lot for the Cuda, but looks like I lost that one...for now. Wednesday we get to fry up some turkeys for everyone for Thanksgiving. Our flaky bastard neighbor said he wanted one, but seemed non-commital about it when I told him he had to provide the turkey. I was shocked. That's it from our neck of the woods.


I hadn't thought about the season thing with Harry Potter but it is a good point. The other 3 movies do have that sequence in it. As for what's missing...there is a ton missing, but one thing the readers of the books, such as myself, have to realize is that the movies are about Harry Potter. If you want all of the other stuff (and there was a TON of other stuff in this book) you need to read the book. That is the extended version. So yeah we really enjoyed it as well. Had a nice dinner afterwards (sorry to hear about that dinner mishap...) What's the software that you are getting going to do if I may enquire? Oh yeah...Give Heirmoines's actress about 4 more years and I think she's going to be a knockout.
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Yeah, that girl is going to do anything she wants in Hollywood. She really will be a knockout in three to five I think. The new software is going to allow us to see which wholesalers are paying what for which books. That way we know what the campus store is paying and we can compete a little better.
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You had the option of watching virtually any movie, Gigli for example, and you saw a Harry Potter movie... I hope you feel appropriately guilty. And appropriately gay. This only supports my theory.
Now get your ass back in the closet. HO.
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It is good to hear you liked the movie. I can't wait to see it. I am still upset about the horrible turnout at the box office for Serenity. Now we will never see the next in the trilogy nor will we get to see another season of Firefly. aggg... Such a great show to only have one season....
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I still haven't gotten to see Serenity. I heard it was good, but we just never made it.

Mike, the Harry Potter movies are good movies. Your theory sucks.
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