Monday, October 31, 2005

Blockbuster and people suck...

Okay, the title of this post was supposed to be Blockbuster sucks, but then I listened to the messages on the machine here at work and I revised it. You'll see why.

Friday night on my way home I thought I'd pick up some movies for the wife and I to watch. Blockbuster wasn't crowded and is on the way home so I stopped in. I found two movies the wife and I wanted to see (because honestly 200 DVD's on the shelf at home just aren't enough to choose from right?) so I picked them up and carried them to the counter. I was annoyed at all the signs they have about the end of extended viewing fees, and how much easier it is to rent from Blockbuster. Not just because they're stupid and annoying, but because now they have whiney signs. They have signs on the return bins both inside and out that say "Returned on time? You're too kind!" Okay, don't bitch about when people bring movies back if you're going to give us the freedom to keep them as long as we want. Don't tell me at the counter that you'd really appreciate it if I returned them on time. If there is no due date, they'll be back when we're done with them. Typically I just copy them and return them anyway but you probably already knew that. I was standing in line with my two movies. The people ahead of me seemed to be making a habit about keeping movies instead of returning them. The guy told them they owed some astronomical sum for the movies they kept and these people were fighting with him tooth and nail, then said they didn't have $60 in their checking account to pay for the movies. They did promise to bring them back when they were done though. Seriously, if you don't have $60 in your account renting movies should be way off your scope. That's a different blog at a different time though. Anyway. I stood there for a few minutes with these people in front of me trying to figure out how they were going to pay for these movies and the one checkout guy started checking out other people while they argued. When he started in on them about the due dates, I dropped my movies on the floor and left. Honestly, the guy told these people "Okay, technically these are due back in two days, but technically we have no due dates so you can bring them back whenever you want. However, if you're a considerate person you'll bring them back on the due dates because that's what we prefer. Someone could be looking for those movies and not be able to rent them because you haven't returned them like you were supposed to okay?" The lady just nodded and walked out. I dropped my movies and he said "Can I help you sir?" I said "No, technically you've just inspired me to not rent movies here." I left with the people behind me still arguing about when they'd return the movies they'd had for a year. I really like watching movies, but honestly. If we're ever at a point where we don't have $60 in our checking account, I can do without a movie if it means we'll get to eat or pay bills. You know? So Blockbuster officially sucks. I hate them. I hate renting from them and I'm out of free Netflix trials.

Now, on to people in general. No offense to any blog readers. I'm sure none of you have done this. Our number here at the store is one number different than the hospital, and apparently someone has been giving it to Blockbuster. Over the weekend I had eight messages. Not one of them was for me or the store. The best of them are as follows.

"Hello, this message is for Johnathan. This is Amy at Blockbuster. We're calling to inform you that since you've not returned the Bare Wench Project we're putting $19.95 on your account. Thank you for choosing Blockbuster." I checked in to that one, it's a real movie. What appears to be a soft porn movie. I'm assuming it's not hard core since you can rent it at Blockbuster. I thought they said Blair Witch project so I reviewed the message again, and they didn't. No wonder Johnathan didn't give them his home number. Next one...

"Leave a message??? Who the hell do you think you are??? LEAVE A MESSAGE??? I'm not leaving a message at a damn hospital do you hear me???!!?? Y'all ain't right! Y'all ain't right at all! I ain't leavin a damn message, ya hear?!?" Nice. Please call back. Honestly I'll be nice enough to explain to you that we're not the hospital. Not the best, but certainly the last for now...

"Hi, this uh...message is for room 215...uh...Get well soon? Thanks." Wow, that's sincere huh? Really, I'm not the hospital. People argue this with me all the time. Our answering machine says who we are, and we identify the place when we answer the phone. There is no reason that we should get these messages (other than they make for good blogging) but we do. People just amaze me.

Happy Halloween everybody!


So, judging from this particular post, sounds like you've been dealing with a lot more tricks than treats!

Yeah, I'm aware that there's no way to make that sound right. Also that I am one Corny McCornball.

Thanks for the Monday dose of hilarity! I have to agree with Caller No.2, though; I'd be less than thrilled about leaving a message for some random person in the big, giant hospital, too.
posted by Blogger Boonzie at 5:09 PM  
I leave your punk-ass messages all the day you'll learn to pick up on the first ring and I won't have to keep going upside that head with a backhand, HO.

I know what the REAL problem here is. Big Ol' Meany Patrick just needs a hug. A little affection, if you will, to bring him back into the fold.

C' hug everyone?

AWW SHIT(The Rock, 2005).

posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 8:44 PM  

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