Thursday, October 27, 2005

Underworld Evolution Trailer online

Sweet! The Underworld Evolution Trailer is now online at Yahoo! Movies. If you haven't seen it, you should watch it. It looks probably as good as the first one, but now I'll have to watch the first one a couple of times for a refresher course before January 15th. With the new stereo system dialed in properly, the neighbors should know what the war between the Vampires and the Likens sounds like first hand.

The air show is this weekend so my grandparents will be in town. They're coming through today to see the store and take me to lunch. Nice. Free food is always good.

The Jeep is back up and running so I'm a happy camper. The near gears and lockers make it more stout than ever before. Now I guess I need to get it off road to see how capable it's new equipment is.

Outside of that, not much else happening. Gearing up for the spring semester. Much work to be done so I'd better get back to it. Nothing really interesting or noteworthy happening here. Glad to see the Sox won their first championship in 80 years, now if only the cubs can get it done we'll be in good shape. Personally, I'm a Yankees fan...always have been. It'd be nice to see them win since they're probably the most overpaid team in baseball but that's just me ranting.

So tell me if I'm in the wrong here. When I first bought this store, I had a lady come in with some terrible hard luck story about how she needed money, was broke, couldn't feed her babies, and didn't have the gas money to get there. This lady was probably old enough to be my mother, so the idea of her having babies was pretty far fetched to me. The book she had to sell was still a pretty widely used book. Typically if the buyback on it is a third of the list price, it's a good one to have. That's what this one was and she went ballistic. She seemed to think since she paid $200 for it and didn't use it much, she should get at least $190 for it. Sorry, it doesn't work that just can't. Then she tells me her sob story again. I could tell she needed the money, but the sign does say we're a bookstore, not check in to cash. So I told her what I could give her for the book, let her look at the buyback screen so she could see I wasn't ripping her off. Then she tells me she wants the wholesale list price for it, not what I'm giving her. That was again $200. If I can buy it from a wholesaler for just slightly more than what I'm paying you for it...sorry. I don't have to have it that bad. Anyway, so she agrees to the $40 or $50 or whatever it was. Then she says "Well, I'm gonna need that book back here in about two weeks. What do you reckon you'll sell it for then?" I told her if she was really in such a bad way, I'd help her out and she could have it back at the price I bought it from her for in two weeks. Well, this was July. She came in yesterday - in October - wanting to know where her book was. I told her I sold it back to a wholesaler because she never showed back up. She said "well I needed that book and I had to have to money to feed my babies and had to have gas to get home to them." Absurd that this woman is still keeping with this story, but at least she's consistently absurd. So I told her I'd have to order one because I just didn't have it. Then we get a few more minutes of sob story about how hard her life is and that I don't understand. Really, I was trying to be sympathetic to a degree. So I told her I'd order the book and call her when it got here and we'd work out a fair price. Then she wanted me to guarantee that I'd sell it to her for less than what she sold it to me for because it was my fault that she didn't have it. Now she'd crossed the line. I told her she could stand there and be a victim without a book, or she could take her bogus sob story somewhere else and order it because I wasn't losing money on a book for anyone over something that wasn't my fault. I was resisting, but I did throw in that I was not book pawn or check in to cash and didn't hold books for money. I buy and sell them because that's what bookstores do. Seriously, am I in the wrong here? I don't think so. I held that book for three months before I sold it back and I only sold it because there was a new edition pending and I was about to be stuck with a $40 paper weight. I'm ordering her a book, but I'm hoping she buys it somewhere else.


Your becoming a softie in your old age! Just Kidding!!! I think you've done more than enough for her at this point. Probably to much in my opinion. I have a tendancy to say NO to much in our family. Soliciters especially and I'd consider her just that.
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 10:02 AM  
Checked out that preview...Think I can handle more Kate Beckinsdale in Leather! Enjoyed the first one and will have to rewatch it one of these days!
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 10:08 AM  
Dude, the first one rocked. I keep meaning to go get a copy of the unrated directors cut but since I paid $8 for the one I have, it's not costing me anything to keep.

Maybe I am getting soft.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 11:28 AM  
You're totally soft. And I can't wait to see the new one. Saw the last one with this creepy guy that I thought I should make an effort with. Bad memories from the first!

Im going to stop commenting, these word verify things are pissing me off... how can you tell that wvwvwv is when they run it all together?

This is round three... they make them bigger and smaller as you go. Cause you're stupid. If the whole point is to not allow spamming of computers, why make it easier as the computer messes up? Gah.
posted by Blogger Jenn at 2:25 PM  
I guess I could just as easily delete the spammers but I get tired of doing that. I don't want them going about their spammer lives thinking they've succeeded.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 4:01 PM  
I didn't even know Underworld had a sequel coming out; woo hoo! I loved the first one!

I think you were more than ridiculously fair with that woman! Wow. She is either really, really broke and desperate, or she has absolutely no problem making herself look like a begging jackass just to get a free (or $40) ride. Hmm.
posted by Blogger Boonzie at 11:41 AM  
She can't be that broke, she does have a nice car so I'm assuming she's just got no shame in making herself look like the victim to get what she wants. The Underworld Trailer does look good...really good.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 11:55 PM  

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