Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Phone lines down.

So, some time last night before I left the phones went down. I figured it's because it was raining cats and dogs, and it was Monday so I left early. Not much happening anyway. Today the phones are still down so I called from my cell phone thinking it would be quick. I was transferred to four different people and then put on hold. I hung up and sent an e-mail. They replied that they were working on my phone lines, but that I was welcome to call next time I had a problem. Not only that, he gave me their number, like I didn't have it, so I could call. So I e-mailed back this:

Hey, thanks for the heads up on that phone number. As I mentioned in my original e-mail, I did call so I have your number. Making phone calls when your phones are down is a difficult thing to do and since the hold button seems to be the best friend of everyone in your company I sent an e-mail. Thanks for attending to my phone problems, I really appreciate it.

A few minutes later, I get this (copied and pasted for your viewing pleasure):

Again, we at (evil company) would like you to know that if this is an emergency you can call directly at 555-555-5555. We've started a ticket on your situation and they should be back up any minute now. In the mean time, if you need immediate assistance you may call us at 555-555-5555. Thanks again for using (evil company).

Seriously, do I sound like someone that can use a phone to call out right now? Maybe I'm not making myself clear enough:

Maybe you're missing the point. You do understand that my phones aren't working right? How in the world would I call you people if my phones are down. Thank you for starting the ticket, again I appreciate you working to help me.

My phone rings, it's Evil Company.

"Hey, this is Sven from Evil Company. We were just calling to test your phones. We knocked out your internet and restarted the box on your building and it was working fine. We found your phone problem when we did some other tests. If you'd called us and let us know your phones were down we could have fixed them yesterday." It's the holidays, I figured he had to be messing with me so I just said thanks. Next time I'd be more specific.

Tomorrow is the big turkey fry. If my dad doesn't go completely nuts, it should go over pretty well. I'll keep you posted.


How does your dad go nuts with the turkey's?
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 3:39 PM  
Apparently, aside from a succubus, his dad has decided to follow in my fathers footsteps. God help you man.

posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 6:11 PM  
Ha! I have tried to contact a few places via e-mail customer service and my e-mails are never read correctly. They just glace over it and send a generic response that usually has nothing to do with your actual question.
posted by Anonymous Interblogger at 8:54 AM  
Dad just argues. Any time you tell him something, he's got to make sure he's completely opposite of what I say. Yesterday he was all up in arms because he was worried the turkeys wouldn't be thawed. Then he decided we'd either blow up the turkey fryer because they'd still be frozen, or we'd die of a horrible disease from handling raw turkey. Somehow this doesn't seem to describe it very well, but trust me it's bad.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 9:32 AM  
I got a good couple of chuckles out of what you describe. I can only imagine what it is like. And you guys built a car together? How did that happen? Perhaps you agree on that stuff? Ahhh...one of the good things about living away from relatives but on the other hand we don't get to experience these things either! Have a great day.
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 11:49 AM  

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