Friday, January 27, 2006

Nice Job Guys

It seems the University we graduated from has fallen under a bit of turmoil as of late. It probably wouldn't be nice to say the name of the university on the blog, so let's just say it's a University in Chattanooga, Tennessee and leave it at that. I always thought it to be an underfunded school seeing as the cash cow of this particular university system is an hour an a half from here, but as it turned out in my senior Sports Management classes I was wrong. The school dumps over $1 million a year in to a losing football program. Losing probably isn't the best word. Do you remember football movies like The Replacements, and Necessary Roughness? Picture either one of those football teams without the hilarity, talent, or the way they pull it together at the end and win, and that's pretty much my college football team. No, I never played football so I can't say as I contributed to the cause. I always thought I was too small. Turns out I was bigger than most of the guys on the team. Maybe that's why we suck. Anyway, this year we got a new head coach who proved to be pretty good. I think it produced the university's first winning season since 93. Midway through the season, six of the team members get accused of gang raping a girl at a drunken (is there another kind?) frat party. The six guys immediately get suspended and eventually expelled. Fast forward to a few months later, the charges are dropped, it's now an "alleged" rape case, the fraternity is facing an investigation (I don't think the players were members of this particular fraternity but I could be wrong), the six players were arrested, released, and now for some reason the girl has withdrawn from school and dropped the charges as well. I'm not taking anyones side in this because I don't know the facts, don't know the girl or the players. It was all over the news here as were all their pictures. I feel for this girl if something like this really did happen, so I'm not making any comments on the case itself. Anyway, the certainly overpaid, undertalented, and incredibly press hungry people that run our fair alma matter have decided that they're going to make a new school policy. Any guesses as to what that is? Nope, it's not a no drinking policy we already have that. They're going to attempt to make a rule in April that forbids group sex on campus. GET SERIOUS YOU MORONS! How in the hell do you think you're going to monitor group sex on a college campus? Are you really thinking of giving your private security force more of a reason to pull people over or search dorms? Are you going to start following people around where the guy to girl ratio is a little out of whack just to make sure at some point during their stay they don't "engage" in group sex? Do you plan on putting cameras in the dorms and frat houses? I think this is a plot by the governing body to keep this university in the spotlight for a while longer in hopes to get more recruits for students and football players. Seriously guys, nice frickin job. Now when people ask where I went to school, instead of saying "Oh yeah, I've always heard that place has a great program for what you got your degree in. One of the top 10 in the country isn't it?" we'll get to hear "Oh yeah! That's the place that tried to ban group sex isn't it?" Nice job guys. Your publicity stunt makes us ashamed of the place, and while I didn't realize it was possible, I think less of governing faculty than I did when I woke up this morning. You'll be getting a big hearty "Go Fuck Yourself" this year when you send your envelope asking me to donate money.


sports + Elle = confusion.
posted by Blogger Elle at 11:28 AM  
This wasn't that much about sports. I probably could have made it shorter, but I was in a ranting mood because I think these people are dumb.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 11:30 AM  
1) The fraternity in HOT shit is Lamda Chi, looks like they are going to lose their charter (My dad was a Lamda Chi)

2) This girl was known for liking group sex.

3) This girl left the party looking for sex.

4) She MAY have been slipped a drug, or she was just shitfaced, but either way, she had lots of sex.

It's impossible for me to feel sorry for her. No one deserves rape, but at some point, you have to take responsiblity for putting yourself in that situation.

You don't hear me bitching do you?
posted by Blogger Jenn at 2:22 PM  
No, and you probably could have. The facts about the girl I never knew, but I did hear she was at the game the next day. The point is, this new rule is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 3:04 PM  
The rule is ridiculous regardless of what really happened to her. I, however, did hear all of the things Jenn mentioned above; I'm pretty sure the news reported at least three out of the four things.

That school is a little embarrassing; I'm a graduate too. When trying to decide where to go to college, my high school guidance counselor advised me that the school was the "ugly stepchild" of the UT system....looks like she was right.
posted by Blogger Chas at 5:47 PM  
Yeah, I'm ashamed to the point that I don't even tell people I went there anymore. Since the Diploma just says UT, I tell them I went to Knoxville. The people that run that place have always been idiots. I did get the opportunity to talk about what a retard Chancellor Stacy was while he was walking in front of me on my way to Metro once. I didn't know it was him, so I ranted a minute, then he went in to the bookstore and someone said "You know that was Stacey and you just called him a retard right?" Oh least he knew someone was thinking it.
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Oooohhh just don't diss my friend Bill in front of me. I love that man, and he did alot for me.

But you're right. Since when did they get all morally correct on us? Me no likey this new chancellor.
posted by Blogger Jenn at 8:48 PM  
I am attending the aforementioned University for a masters in Criminal Justice. Really, if you knew my background, that would be the funniest joke you heard all day. There is an older fat woman in one class that wanted to argue with me that, "It had to be rape. No girl would willingly have sex with more than one person. They JUST WOULDN'T!"
This oppinion just begged for the proper respect it deserved. My response, "Whatever. She was probably dressed slutty and asking for it."
She's not friends with me anymore.

Big Insensitive Meany Mike
posted by Anonymous Anonymous at 9:16 PM  
Yes, I can imagine when she comes in to class from now on she's going to scoff at you in hopes that you apologize.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 4:04 PM  

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