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Movie Review - The Da Vinci Code

This weekend didn't bring much excitement short of a new riding lawnmower and lots of Aleve for a neck cramp that won't go away. These things are annoying...very annoying. Anyway, Saturday we went to see a Matinee of The Da Vinci Code with some friends of ours. My wife read the book, but I didn't. Not sure why I just don't get in to reading that much. I's odd to own a bookstore and not read. So on to the review...

Be forewarned the trailer for the new World Trade Center movie opens with this movie. The trailer is sad and I think everyone in the theater cried when they saw it. It's probably going to be a good movie, but I'll probably still not go see it as I've got issues with 911 movies. The Da Vinci Code was good. It had a feel like National Treasure/Indiana Jones but not quite as intense. It's an interesting theory on religion in general. It portrays Jesus in a light not seen before. It talks about his marriage to Mary Magdalen and that they had a baby together, and how all of this was covered up by the Romans and the Catholic Church to keep a stronghold on it's people. The story line is good, as are all the actors in their roles. I think that Tom Hanks character probably would have been better played by Harrison Ford, but that's not to discredit Tom Hanks. He was good in his role, but it really seemed more like a modern day Indiana Jones role. I hadn't seen a movie with Audrey Tautou, but she was good...and strangely hot to be French. As a Christian the movie did not offend me, but I'm not easily offended. I don't see the movie as maliciously portraying the wrong thing, I see it as fiction. As a religious person it's still a neat story. They don't Jesus bash, while they do say he was married and was a mortal, they still say he accomplished great things, and was a great leader of men. I guess if you wanted to believe it, it could be a different theory on Christ and his life. There are plenty of theories out there, that's why we have different religions. We don't all believe the same. The difference in religions and theorys has always fascinated me. What fascinates me even more is how up in arms people get about different religions and beliefs. The only religion I see out there that to me is completely absurd is Scientology. Yes, I've read a few things about it that were written by L. Ron Hubbard so I drew my own conclusions, and I still think it's messed up. To each their own. If you can sit through a movie like The Da Vinci Code and just get offended you have some serious issues. It's a good story, an interesting (and yes I believe an untrue) theory on Christ and his life. I don't think for a second you should question your beliefs based on this movie. I don't even see that the movie asks you to. As Christians we're called to have faith that Christ was a savior. The movie doesn't discredit him as a savior, or redeemer, but portrays him as a mortal who took a wife, had a child, and was crucified by the Romans. To me, it's just a fictional take meant to entertain. If you are one of those people that asks bookstores not to sell this book because you think it sends the wrong message...I hate you. You are seriously closed minded and have issues you should work out in some intense therapy. At any rate, the movie is good, entertaining, and everything a movie should be. See it as an avid movie-goer, a Christian, an Aetheist, however you believe. It's just a neat movie and well worth the price of admission. Off the soap box now, enjoy your Monday, make time to see this movie. X-3 comes out this Friday so the countdown is on to what is probably going to be the best movie of the summer. I can't wait. If you can't get a ticket to see X-3, make sure you get a ticket to see Da Vinci Code. It's worth at least seeing a matinee.


DaVinci tomorrow night and X3 this weekend..probably Monday actually, but we will see. I've got class on Friday and Saturday. it sucks, but I've got to get done with this degree and get on with another job.
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I thought it was great. And Ive seen all of Audrey's movies that an American can get her hands on.

Two best. Both subtitled,

A Very Long Engagement and Amelie.
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I posted my two cents on my blog. Just call me a spoon, as I'm here to stir the pot :)
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Ahh, the plot thickens. Let's see, list of things to do holy war with best friend...check. I can see where you're coming from El Jefe, but I see the book as fiction. I can see you're referencing this as a tool of evil, but there are also people that believe The Matrix is real and that we're all plugged in to a giant evil machine. I don't see The Matrix as a tool of evil, but as a work of fiction. People that choose to follow works of fiction are mindless (see Scientology and Mormonism for works of fiction with followers) and have no faith. Personally, my faith in Jesus and what he did on earth is strong enough that I can look at something like this and see it is fiction that is meant to challenge my beliefs and faith. If I'm dumb enough to abandon my beliefs over something like this, well...I may as well be a scientologist.
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The above was deleted with good reason. Now Im a reasonable person. But by golly, don't go attacking someone until you have actually either READ some of their work, or researched their interviews and such with enough thoroughness you know what you're talking about.

Dan Brown has all of his FACTS straight. Then he takes artistic license with them. Which is his perogative.

I read Angels and Demons years ago. Then I took RCIA to join the Catholic Church (and I'll refrain from my ONE TRUE CHURCH comments) and you know what. EVERY ONE OF HIS FACTS ON CONCLAVE and most of the Holy See were correct. The man at least knows what he's talking about.

If people are indeed so feeble minded that a book and a movie will shake their faith and they have to protect themselves with words like blasphemy and satan... wll that's their perogative.

Crap. I should probably delete that too.
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The best TV on, at the moment, is totally all the people trying to discredit Brown's work. It's the most entertaining stuff, particularly in how thin their retorts are. I mean, arguments along the lines of, "He claims that was Mary Magdaline next to Jesus in the Last Supper, but people always painted John as young and feminine back then. So HA. You ARE WRONG!" just come off sounding bull-headed and a bit ridiculous. It's hilarious seeing to what lengths the religiously foggy will go to in a bizzare attempt to make themselves feel better.
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I saw XMen 3
posted by Blogger Jenn at 9:28 AM  

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