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Movie Review - X-Men 3 The Last Stand

As I'm sure everyone has been reading, I've been excited about seeing X-3 like nothing else. So on opening night we managed to get to see it. Being the serious dork that I am I bought tickets in advance two or three days before. The Rave was nice enough to sell me six child tickets so we all got in at a discounted rate. Nice. Really nice. Anyway, the movie had one really good trailer on it and plenty of just okay ones that I'm not really excited about. There is now a full trailer available for Ghost Rider out and I have to say it looks pretty damn cool. It comes out Valentines weekend so I'm going to have to skip a day of work to see it I'm pretty sure. On to X-3.

The movie was good, and it picks up right where the last one let off. Professor X talks about passing the torch to Storm, and Cyclops is still broken up about Jean dying in the last movie. From the trailer we can tell she comes back. It's somewhat corny the way she does, but makes for good movie I guess. The mutant cure becomes available and of course the war begins. Magneto sends a public address to the world that he's going to stop the cure and kill anything in his way. Halle Berry and Famke Jansen are hotter in this movie than they were in the last one, and I just didn't think that was possible. Not only that, they both kick some serious ass in the movie. Very cool to watch. The war between good and evil once again wages, only with Famke Jansen on the bad side. The movie I think was a little too short, but it was still good. Lots of action, lots of good fight scenes and explosions. It was good enough that Mike and I are going to go see a Matinee again tomorrow since we're both off. The movie also stars Kelsey Grammer in a very different role as well as Vinnie Jones in a role that was a little too small for the level of his characters coolness.

Outside of that I'm thinking I need to grille something this weekend but we will see. I'll probably not get to grille anything until my neighbors return with shark steaks from their vacation. I've never had them but they sound good. I hope everyone else enjoys their holiday weekends!


We watched this movie today. Matinee. I'll be honest that I didn't think that it stood up to the first 2 movies. It was good, don't get me wrong, but it was just lacking something that the first 2 movies had. Did you stay till the very end of the credits? There's a little something extra for the people who have read the comic books. if you haven't read the books check out wikipedia and read up on x-men and then see the movie.

We grilled tonight (and last night). Tonight we had none other than Bison Burgers. First time I'd had it and they tasted just fine. Just like beef actually. Let me know how the shark is.
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Now I do enjoy some bison when we can get it. To me it tastes a little different than beef, but it still has that type of texture. I dig it. The shark I'm looking forward to.

I liked it. It was good and action packed. I felt bad at the end about Magneto...until we saw him playing chess of course. I figured that was where they'd leave it with him playing chess alone missing his friend Charles and he'd be crying or something. I didn't expect his powers to be coming back. They shouldn't have told us that this was the last movie and leave it wide open for a fourth one. That annoys me. I think they'll make a fourth one, and I'll go see it. We stayed until the end. It was neat. But I hate when they put stuff at the end of the credits like that. The only time it's been acceptable is when they did the Matrix Revolutions trailer at the end of reloaded. That was cool.
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I had Leg of Fowl today for lunch at the geek fair.

And as much as I enjoyed X3 I feel like it lacked the character development of the first two. It was all about Jean, and the characters that you do know, you just saw going through the motions of life without seeing them really experience it. Plus, it was like, "Hey, here's a new guy. This is his power!"

Also, they havne't said this is the last one. They just aren't sure they'd ever get the cast back. And even if they did get the surviving ones back, it would still be a totally different animal.

I did like the further exploration of the Xavier and Magneto relationship. That was brilliant, but in the comic, it was the reverse...

Ben Foster as Angel looked stupid. And I generally like him.

Kelsey Grammar rocked. They've talked of a spin off like the one for Wolverine. I would actually see that I think.

And the bald headed kid... that was Leech?
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IM also gonna be nice and say that Mystique actually did some acting in this movie. I was impressed with her.... A Woman Scorned... HAHAHHAHAHAHA
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