Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stories from the Rush Part 1

Cleaning up the aftermath of the Spring Semester book rush continues. This one was good, and better than last Spring. Not really better than fall, but that's to be expected. Anyway. I had to share this story with you guys because well, it's funny.

It's relatively slow with just me and cheerleader from last semester working the counter. An Arabic girl comes in to get some books and seems insanely overly flirtatious. It's not me, I guess she thinks by flirting she's going to get a discount on books. This girl literally pulled out all the stops. She was way more done up than I would have pictured an arabic (or persian I guess she could have been) to be. She's giggling, batting her eyelashes, the whole nine yards. About that time one of our regular customers walks in. We all know her because she announced one day with great detail that she wants to be a sex therapist. We've refered to her as Sex Therapy girl ever since. So she shows up and witnesses what is going on with this girl at the counter. I turn around to get a couple more books for Princess Jasmine here and she's unbuttoned the top two buttons on her shirt and her bra is now officially hanging out. She's left very little to the imagination. At this point I'm making every effort to make eye contact. The cheerleader has a look on her face like "Did that just happen?" So I give her the books and slide them down to cheerleader so she can be rung up and left. While Cheerleader is ringing her up she buttons her shirt back up. Sex Therapy girl hands me her schedule and Princess Jasmine leaves. I was thinking to myself how odd was what just happened, and did she really think it was going to work? Did she leave thinking I was gay? STG chuckles when I get back to the counter and says "So if I show my tits can I get a discount?" Princess Jasmine did not get a discount, nor any aknowledgement that her efforts were noticed. I told her as nice as it would be to get flashed 30 times a day I was not Girls Gone Wild and wasn't willing to go down that road. She gets mad and says "Well what good are tits like these if you can't use them?" Again...Eye contact only. I told her they were fine, and she could use them anywhere she liked. Just not here. Disappointed she payed and left. I'm thinking of all the things that must be running through Cheerleaders mind and what I'm going to say once they leave so there is no weirdness between me and Cheerleader. She's been pretty silent this entire time. They both leave and I pretend to do something and I hear "Bitch Please!" I turn around and say "Huh?" Cheerleader looks at me and says "I work here and don't get free books. When STG asked that I almost reached across the counter and slapped that ho. Thanks for not saying yes to that." The weirdness is now gone. Cheerleader told that story to everyone else that came in right up to the part where she said "Bitch Please!" Everyone thought it was pretty funny, and it's funny now but it was really weird, and really uncomfortable there for a minute. There are still a few more stories from the Rush to come.

This week is inventory, boxing up books, and hopefully catching up on lost sleep. If anyone was curious, the store grew 20 percent this Spring over last Spring so hopefully we're on the right track.


"Show us your hooters!" i can't believe that they would do that.

I noticed that you have Hereo's Return. ARe you a fan? We just got caught up on this break...awesome show!
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 3:35 PM  
Oh, I'm a fan of Heroes alright. It's a fantastic show. I can't wait.

I was kinda shocked with the unprovoked "Show Us Your Hooters" deal too. In a perfect world, who wouldn't say yes? But, realistically that could be bad for business...and Freshman Hooters don't pay the bills.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 3:13 PM  

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