Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Movie Review - Bridge to Terabithia

To be honest, I was a little iffy about seeing this movie but my hot wife really wanted to see it and I kinda wanted to see it. If you haven't noticed, we differ a lot on our movie tastes. She doesn't much care for the theaters, and I LOVE seeing movies on the big screen. Beyond that, if the movie has guns, aliens, breasts, explosions, and aliens with big exploding breasts...she's out...I'm in. But that's just how we roll. Usually when she gets excited to see a movie I'm all amped to go see it in the theaters with her. Typically I have some criteria. It cannot star Jane Fonda or Cameron Diaz. We agree on Rosie O'Donnell so as long as it meets the other two, we're good. This one I was curious about, but the book reminds me a lot of my fourth grade teacher. My fat ass no good horrid bitch fourth grade teacher Mrs. Davis. Don't worry...I didn't go to fourth grade here so I doubt anyone that reads this would know her. This woman was horrible and this was her favorite book. She was nice enough to make a group of fourth graders rub her shoulders while she read to us. We missed the last two chapters because she was busy balling her eyes out and slobering. The movie is sad...but I think you need to compose yourself if you're going to read this book to fourth graders. I don't think any of us knew what really happened, but between the slobberings most of us picked up what was happening. Since it made her cry, I didn't care. Just to give you an insight on how horrible this woman was at this small private school. She said some things in class one day about my mom that let everyone know she apparently did not like her. I of course had no idea her and my mom had ever talked. The next day they did. My mom showed up at school and said "If you ever ridicule me in front of a class like that again...I'll come down here and beat the shit out of you...pregnant or not." She was pretty nice to me after that. I know you're probably thinking my mom is a huge redneck, but she's really not. Think for a minute how you'd react if your kids fourth grade teacher made fun of you in class for no reason. Then react like I would. it's a tad on the red side...but on we go.

The movie...was good. From what I remember over Mrs. Davis' drooling and slobbering it was just about word for word the book. I don't remember a lot because I try to block those days out of my mind, but this was good. If you've read the book, you know it's a sad story, but still a pretty good one. We watched it with the Rumrunners last night and I think while it was sad both of them enjoyed it. I would have to give it three and a half out of five stars. I didn't absolutely love it, but if that book was to be made in to a movie I can't say as I would picture it being a lot different than that interpretation. Definitely worth a rental, and probably would have been worth the $16 for the two of us to see it on the big screen.

I hurt my neck on Monday so workouts have been kinda slow for me ever since. The good news is the puppy has been coming to work with me, and he loves it. Training him to function inside is going fairly well. His favorite place to be though, is either right at your feet (as you're walking) or in your lap. I hope he outgrows the lap thing because having a 150lb dog in your lap can't be fun. We'll hopefully post some more pictures here soon as he is getting bigger. That's it for now...more later.


I read that book with my sixth graders this year, and we saw the movie on a field trip. I can't believe your fourth grade teacher read you this book. Not that a fourth grade class wouldn't understand what was going on...but to really get the true meaning of it all...I don't think they could appreciate it as well. There are some differences between the book and movie, but it was a fabulous interpretation. I thought it a bit odd that they made the previews out to be some Naria-ish movie, when truly all of that stuff accounted for about 3% of the entire film. I'm sure some that hadn't read the book were disappointed with the movie.
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I wondered about that but I guess I left that part out of the review huh? We probably could have gotten it if that horrid woman hadn't slobbered and sniveled through the last half. I'm not sure why she read it to us either. Maybe so she didn't have to actually teach anything.
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