Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Last Minute Changes

Well, I had written a review for some movies and TV shows that the wife and I have been watching lately but I had a last minute change of plans before I posted. I'm really getting amped up for Indy Racing starting in March (the 29th...in Homestead...under the lights) and I'd heard rumor of a possible merger between the IRL and the Champ Car series. Having two open wheel series is kinda useless, and the two should really merge because it would expand both of their fields and make for some much better races, and we'd get to see racing in Australia and other parts of the world. Places that sadly Nascar cannot take you. Anyway, so I hit the home page at Indy, and this blog went from a review of Across the Universe to something I'll refer to as awesomeness in a magazine.

Yes, Sports Illustrated hits the stands today with the illustrious Danica Patrick in it. I don't know about you guys, but I'm leaving work right frickin now to go pick up a copy...before they're gone.

Tumbler is currently at the vet getting neutered so he's probably not very happy with us today but hopefully he'll recover and get over it. That's it from the store today, if you get the last copy of the swimsuit issue...I hate you.


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