Thursday, February 14, 2008

Movie Review

Before I get too in to a movie review, I need to say how relieved I am that the writers strike has ended. I've been pissed about it ever since the last episode of Heroes aired. Well, probably before that, but I kindof remember that as the end of good TV. Since then we've had nothing really good. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is pretty good if you like science fiction. Careful, that is a Fox show and they're pretty good about canceling stuff people watch in favor of American Idol and that new show Put this in your Ass for Money! The Flash Gordon TV series was complete shit, and now since there is nothing else on, instead of Grey's Anatomy we've been watching the overly whored out Lipstick Jungle. I think I'd rather scream "White Power!" at a Kanye West concert than sit through that show. I don't care if the same girl that wrote Sex and the City wrote it, or talked about it, it's shit. Basically what I get out of it is that if you're a woman your life sucks no matter what you do. Thats some serious womens empowerment there Candace. So now that the writers strike is over, and they've scored the biggest victory in strike history, we can all get back to better TV and the networks can choke to death on all the money that their writers make them. And just maybe they'll bring Journeyman back. But, they may not...because they suck.

So, a movie review...on Valentines Day.

Across the Universe - Overall, I liked it. It's kindof a chic flic, but it's kindof not. It has a little bit of the Moulin Rouge feel to it so if you're not in to people breaking in to song at random intervals this may not be the movie for you. It's set in the 60's where the lead male goes to America from Liverpool to find his estranged father and it's pretty much about his journey there and back. I'm pretty sure that all the music is Beatles music, and I'd recommend you watch the film, then to go this link at and read all the trivia, then watch it again to make sure you catch everything. Lots of cool stuff, and unless you remember the 60's you might miss some stuff. But it's cool, and I think it's pretty representative of the era while still being comical and entertaining. It's worth a rental, and I'd say it's worth a purchase but lets be honest about buying DVD's. Realistically if you buy it now, in a year it could be obsolete. With HD and Blu-Ray formats struggling for supremacy, one of them will take over and eventually you won't be able to buy or play your old DVD's anymore and the dorks at Best Buy and Circuit City will look at you like you're an idiot when you say "Does this play regular DVD's as well as Blu-Ray and HD?" So, if you wish to purchase a DVD my advice is wait because eventually you'd have to buy it in a different format anyway. But Across the Universe is well worth watching and you'll be happy you saw it.


I have to say I'm right there with you on Heroes. Unfortunately we don't get that until fall. However we do have Lipstick Jungle and at least three other shows that sound exactly like it to make us want to poke out our eyeballs with heroin spoon from a rehab clinic until then. That's just as good right?
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