Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Swole Juice and the news

When I work out in the mornings they usually have one or two of the 75 billion TV's in the gym turned to ESPN and on days when I row, or have to stop and catch my breath before I can go on, I'll usually watch the sports news to see whats happening. I can honestly say I'm tired of seeing Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens on trial for steroids, accused of taking steroids, and allegations of someone who had a friends cousins sisters brothers neighbors former roommate who is pretty sure they heard one or both of them had a trainer that administered swole juice to them. Honestly, does it matter? Can Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, or Roger Clemens play the game any better or any worse because of steroids? Not likely.

Athletes always look for the competitive edge. Be it through training, supplementation, or synthetic hormones, real athletes will ALWAYS look for the edge, for how to get one up on their competitors. If they didn't, games would be pretty boring. Realistically if no one wanted to better their opponent in any form, what kind of game would it be? I guess I look at the news and have to say that whether they took steroids or didn't is pretty inconsequential.

So I'm wondering with all these depositions and hearings before congress why the big deal? Viewers. No one has watched baseball since they started to strike, so now they throw in some Paris Hilton Style controversy and BAM! This shit is all over the news and people can't take their eyes off of it because you can't find anything else on TV. All you can see on ESPN - oddly enough between clips of spring training - is Roger Clemens and his big deposition before congress. So, allegedly his trainer now on the stand is saying that he knowingly injected him with Human Growth Hormone and Steroids. And? If Roger Clemens says he didn't do it, I hope he's telling the truth. But if he did take Roids and HGH, I can assure you this blogger thinks no less of him, his career, or his six Cy Young awards. I can also tell you for sure, that if I was in Roger Clemens position, late in life, trying to keep up with a faster younger crowd, HGH wouldn't be out of my scope.

I'm going to have to agree with Sly Stallone on this one. He took HGH for his comeback movies of Rocky Balboa, and John Rambo. He maintains that as you get older, HGH helps your body function. It helps with metabolism, weight loss, stamina, and immune system functions. Do I sound like an ad for pro HGH? Probably. But I don't care. When I go to the doctor next month to get my cholesterol checked if he said "Hey, you need HGH in a bad way. I'm going to recommend that you get the standard three shots a week," I'd have no problem with that. As much as I hate shots and needles, I'd probably go for that. When I lifted weights in college picking up roids at the local gym was easier than picking up drunk freshmen girls in a frat house. I never did them because I HATE needles. Not because I think there is anything morally wrong with performance enhancing supplements.

At any rate, that's my rant for today. I really wish the media would leave these guys alone. They're pretty much ruining the careers of some of sports better players and no matter what the outcome is, none of these guys will ever be looked at the same again.


Are you still doing Crossfit for your workouts? Kind of sounds like it..."catch my breath...rowing" Yeah I'm doing this experiment right now and the workouts are similar to Crossfit. And it's worked. I've got one more week of this and then I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do. This gym is NOT condusive to Crossfit so I think that's out unless I do something at home, which is always possible.
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 9:07 AM  
No gym is really conducive to crossfit, you just have to make it work. I'm still doing it and I like it pretty well. I get asked a lot more than I used to if I'm working out or losing weight. I'd just give it a try at the local gym and see what happens. The worst thing you can get is some funny looks, but it is designed to do at home with minimal equipment.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 1:03 AM  
I am also so so sick of the steroid debate. OK, so baseball has strict testing now. That's good. So let it go. Steroids are not that great for you for the long term; I'll agree with that. But then we get into the realm of HGH. I personally would not use "steroids" as we know them today. I would, however, use HGH if I could get it. HGH helps with injury, recovery, fat loss, muscle gain... it's great! I would say everyone over a certain age should be able to use HGH under supervision by a medical professional.
I'm still doing it and I like it pretty well. I get asked a lot more than I used to if I'm working out or losing weight. I would, however, use HGH if I could get it. HGH helps with injury, recovery, fat loss, muscle gain.
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