Thursday, September 18, 2008

Arrogant Liar...

I did mention that the store is off to an okay start, but not without a few administrative road blocks. I started back in April contacting the campus and trying to let them know in the most amicable way possible that we were starting an off campus store. Dealing state funded schools is only slightly more painful than birthing an armadillo that is on fire. No matter how you go about it, they're going to start out hoping you go away, then they move in to their resistance phase, then comes the resentment. This week is all about resistance. Man oh man do they hate the smallest possibility that their monopolies are coming to an end. It's like they fight just to squeeze the last bit of life, or in this case money, out of their students. With no regard to them or anything else, they treat everybody like shit because they're the only game in town, and if nothing else, the most convenient game in town.

So I had made a few phone calls to the Vice President to tell her what we were doing, and that I'd like to talk to her. She of course never returned these phone calls, and e-mails were treated the same way. I thought perhaps a visit was in order so I had one of my ho's watch the store and headed that way. I waited patiently in her office for her assistant to finish what she was doing and she finally acknowledged me. So I just said who I was and that I'd like an appointment with her boss. Upon hearing this, her boss got up from her desk and slammed the door. A little unfriendly if I do say so, but about what I expected. I was refused an appointment and left. When I returned to work I sent the following e-mail.

"Good afternoon Ms. Dumbitch. My name is Raul Duke and I've been trying to reach you concerning our opening an off campus bookstore. Numerous phone calls and e-mails have no doubt been unreturned, but I thought I'd tell you that you have the option of simply returning a phone call or e-mail, or I'll be happy to watch you explain to the Eyewitness news teams that are a phone call away why you feel you're above federal laws and why you're personally denying your students the opportunity to have an off campus bookstore." If you can imagine I got a response within the hour. She still fought us tooth and nail on every bit of information and eventually said "No. Never." Unfortunately for her, college textbook information is federally protected. So, a phone call to my lawyer friend and some leg work on his part showed that we were correct and an official request was sent to their attorney. It was only after this that I got my meeting with them. Can you imagine?

The meeting was grossly unproductive as most of them are. But this one involved the president of the university. I can only guess because legal teams had been summoned. Presidents NEVER take time to meet with people they deem below them (which is everyone) or aren't trying to make an overly generous donation. So, the VP in question was also there and informed me that I was very arrogant and hard to work with. She was trying very hard to look like a bad ass in front of her boss but what none of them realized is that I carry the wallet. Yes, it makes a difference. So I mentioned her non phone call returning and door slamming and she got nervous. This woman started going back to her routes...which let me tell you is the Ghetto. Not just any Ghetto, but I bet this woman knows words that would have made Tupac Shakur blush in his prime. The very next words out of her mouth were "Well...I don't preciate you runnin round tellin lies on me neitha!" After some elaboration she said their current bookstore manager was telling people that she had given me permission to operate. Permission which I do not need. She started in again and I held up a hand and said "Stop. Right there. I don't need your permission nor did I ask for it. None of this is up to you. I'm operating right across the street from you. Deal with it, or have a statement ready for the press. This meeting is over."

So, I'm currently not making any new friends on campus. The campus store has of course sent out their secret shoppers and the manager was nice enough to call and have a talk with me...but that's another blog entirely.


let's just face the facts here. People = Stupidity and the Wallet = Awesomeness!!!
posted by Blogger Easy E at 12:34 AM  
Is this university not the same one you've been dealing with with your other store?
posted by Blogger Sugar and Ice at 3:50 PM  
E - I made Jennifer read your comment...because apparently the wallet isn't appropriate in church or something.

Chas - Actually this is an entirely new campus and an entirely new administration.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 9:22 AM  
The wallet does rock some serious awesomeness. HOWEVER, the wallet does NOT belong at church or left in the open at grandparent's houses!!!!
posted by Blogger Easy E at 12:33 PM  

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