Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Much too Young...

To feel this damn old. Actually, I'll be 30 this week so I guess I'm not that young anymore. Now I get to spend time off from work going to the doctor to get my cholesterol checked. For anyone that cares, I did manage to lower it by 22 points over the last three months so they tell me that's a good thing. Anyway...

So fencing pretty well kicks ass. I did get in trouble a couple times left week for getting too close and attempting to use my left hand to block and at one point I think I was actually going to punch the guy like they do in the movies. Not that I was mad at him, but it's hard to remember that your left hand goes back over your head and not in front as a defense. Oh well, maybe one day they'll give me two swords so I can be everybody. But, it is a fun way to spend time with my sister, and it's way more of a workout than you'd think so hopefully it will help me shed some of these unnecessary pounds I'm packing on at an unbelievable rate. Well, maybe not an unbelievable rate, it's just hard to lose weight once you turn 30 than I think it was when I was turning 20. So fencing is fun. My sister is having a good time and I'm going to enjoy beating her with a sword and calling it a sport.

Well, not much else here to report. We did paint the office at the house but I'll wait until it's fully decorated to post any pictures which hopefully will happen soon. Not much else happening but I'll check in later this week.


My season tickets are pretty reasonable but 2010 will be expensive cuz they're building a new stadium. Don't get too discouraged about turning 30. I just did last year. I will definitely agree with you on the whole packing on pounds. It's not the losing the weight that is difficult but keeping the weight off is the real battle. Fencing sounds interesting and I'm glad you're enjoying it. Happy 30th and enjoy your day. Are you going anywhere or planning anything? Does the wifey have anything planned?
Happy birthday. 30's not that bad...unless your wife is making a big deal about mine did. Any how have a great one.
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 8:47 AM  
ENAR - the wife did have something planned, as she almost always has something up her sleeve.

Chris - Thanks man! I think it feels better to be 30 than it would have been to not get to turn 30 at know?
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 4:45 PM  

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