Friday, February 29, 2008

BMF Friday

Been a couple weeks on this one, but todays BMF Wallet recipient is...

Sarah Connor -

Yes, no matter who plays Sarah Connor, she never disappoints. From Terminator 2, to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Sarah Connor is a bad mamajama. Other super hero girls pale in comparison to the likes of Connor. Not only can she blow stuff up with the best of them, she starts her morning out with a healthy breakfast, and a few sets of pullups. As the mother of the leader of the resistance, Sarah Connor tries to make her whiney son realize that he's about to be the future leader of mankind in the war against the machines. Along the way she's the one who keeps him safe from harm, and blows up the bad guys. Most super hero girls would carry a purse, but for Connor, that would only get in the way of the machine guns and hurtin bombs.

That's it for BMF Friday, have a good weekend!


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