Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Movie reviews

Happy Monday Gang! If there is such a thing. Spring break was good...well, it was a week off work so really what can you complain about? Didn't get much done, and no new projects to speak of, but I think they're coming. Hopefully they're coming. I have a obviously I need a project. Anyway, on to the movie reviews.

War - Starring Jet Li and Jason Statham. The movie is about an FBI agent (Statham) trying to seek revenge against a mysterious Chinese assassin that killed his partner. Honestly the movie isn't that good. Only one good car chase and it's not believable, but it's not like it's the horrible travesty that was Jet Li's The One. Overall the movie gets two out of five stars. Not the best action flic ever, but not a bad way to kill an hour and a half if you have to.

3:10 to Yuma - I've been waiting to see this one for a while. Christian Bale is typically a movie bad ass and I figured that combined with Russel Crowe would make for a kick ass movie. It was actually pretty good, save for the addition of Ben Foster. You might remember him as the turd that played Angel in X-Men the Last stand. Why does Reverend Raul have such a hatred for him? Simple. When he began shooting the role of Angel, he told the producers that the wings were too heavy and he wouldn't shoot another scene until they made him some lighter wings. Sorry, if you're in a super hero movie you don't get to be a bitch. Do you hear Christian Bale whining about the batsuit being heavy? No. Because he's not a bitch. Ben Foster is. Anyway, Crowe plays a notorious post Civil War criminal that is robbing the transports that hold the railroads money. Much like Jesse James, but this character from what I've found is entirely fictitious. It's not the best western I've ever seen, but it lived up to the expectations I had for it as a movie. Christian Bale is good, and Russel Crowe as usual does not disappoint. Don't go in to it thinking it will be an all out shoot em up like Tombstone, but it's a good movie, and well worth the price of admission...or the price of a rental at this point.

Hopefully this week we'll get to review No Country for Old Men, and possible Hitman if we have time. The wife is on Spring break so maybe we can catch up on a few movies and a few TV series that we have DVR'ed. Hope everyone else has a good Monday!


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