Friday, July 23, 2004

Friday is here!

Well, the weekend is here and it sounds like we have a fun weekend planned for out of town.  We're going to see the Bourne Supremacy with my sister, her new car, and her new boyfriend tonight, and one of my favorite drivers (Flyin Ryan Newman) is on the pole with pretty much the rest of my favorites in the top 10, so I am much excited.  Amazingly, I only talked to a couple of morons today, so I can leave you with some amusement for the weekend.

We offer extended warranties on all of our products as most companies do.  Well, someone called, with a claim that would have been filed by the extended warranty.  So I told her we'd have to get the product back here, and we'd replace it.  This crazy woman blows up with "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN SEND IT BACK???"  So, I'm explaining to her that her added coverage covers the fact that she's just destroyed her product.  Amazingly, she thought that by purchasing this warranty, it meant she could hit it with a brick (or whatever the hell she did) and it wouldn't do any damage because she was protected for five years.  I can honestly say - while this woman was only in her early 30's it sounded - she should not be allowed to use consumer products of any kind.  After a good half hour of explaining this to this woman, I finally had to say "Oh, I see you purchased this five days after you purchased the product.  Unfortunately, the warranty doesn't work as well if you don't purchase them at the same time.  The good news is, if you'll send it in, we'll replace it."  Somehow or another that worked.  She agreed to send it back and that made sense to her.  She probably has a John Kerry sticker on her car, which he neither supports nor does not support.


Oh the stories I have from working in retail and customer service..maybe I'll get enough energy to post some of them on my blog someday.
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