Thursday, October 14, 2004

What languages do hair stylists speak?

So, I go this morning to get a haircut. I used to go see a girl my brother-in-law recommended because she was surgically enhanced. She has since moved locations and I can't find her, so I just go wherever is open. I was just curious what language this girl spoke, because it resembled english, but we were on two entirely different wave lengths. I've had bad haircuts before, and this is by far not the worst. I was just curious as to how "I'd like a hair cut, long on top, short on the sides," translates to "Please shave my head." I don't really have a shaved head, but it's aweful short. It's shorter than I've worn it in a very long time, and as usual the people at work are making fun of me by saying "Damn! Uh..Nice Haircut!" I'm sure women have this problem too as I've seen my sister come home from places looking like she lost a bet with Satan only to go straight to the shower and try to get rid of whatever they'd done to her hair. I was just curious if anyone else knew how to get what you want out of a haircut - because it seems I do not.


Short = good :)

But of course this brought a story to mind..It's lengthy so I'll make an entry about it :)
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Strange, it doesnt seem like my comment showed up.
In case it doesn't end up showing up...this entry prompted the entry on my blog. I think we've all had bad haircuts :)
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IM rather rude. "Excuse me, do you mind if I don't talk? I'd rather you concentrate on how much of my hair you are cutting off" If they get pissed, I leave. I have been SCALPED before. I've been given a rat tail (cause I wanted layers) and very few people can cut my hair straight. Honestly, isn't that a requirement for passing beauty school? Or have I been watching too much Grease?
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"If you go for your diploma, you can join a steno pool. Turn in your teasing comb, and go back to high school." Funny, that was the part I originall wanted when we did Grease. However, I didn't complain about the one I landed.
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My mom has been doing hair for so long that I've never had to deal with this. My husband on the other hand had the worst haircut ever shortly after I started dating him. He went to one of the ultra cheap places, and somehow she gave him vents on the sides...don't know how or why, but it was laughable. Find someone good and stick with him/her.
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