Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Physical Therapy Day One

So, due to my heavy tendon damage in my arm I'm in physical therapy. Every time I go to something like this, I remember exactly why I don't go to doctors offices. They suck, they ALWAYS make you wait, and they usually have no idea what's wrong with you. Today was no different. I got there early thinking this would be alright, I could get some things done around the house today, but was there an hour and a half. She worked my arm over pretty good, and when she left said she'd never seen anyones arm that had symptoms like mine. That's wonderful. Fantastic even. She used something to put a steroid shot in my arm, but it wasn't a shot. They used some electric thingy that took a few minutes, but had these huge sticky pads. For those of you that have not ever seen a picture of me - I have some really hairy arms. Well, I did until this morning anyway. She plastered one of these things on my forearm telling me how it was going to help my thumb. This pad was probably three or four inches long, and about two and a half inches wide. Everybody with me here? Hairy arms, huge sticky pad? Good. After she says thumb aloud, she realizes she's not working on my thumb, and I'm there for my elbow. So, without thinking, she rips this pad off as quick as she can. That hurt....bad. Her comment - "OOH! I forgot you had such hairy arms." My response - "Well, not anymore I don't." So she gets this treatment started and I get an ice pack as well. That ice felt so good, I didn't even know what to do. The ice pack was the coolest thing (no pun intended). It was gel, so while it was ice cold, it still formed around my arm and it was great. So I asked her "Hey, this is nice. Where did you get this?" Her response (and I kid you not) - "Over there in the freezer. It's supposed to be cold." Somehow that went way above her. She kept telling me that I had tennis elbow from playing racquet sports. I would probably agree with her, and this wouldn't be an issue. However, it's my left elbow that's injured and I'm right handed.

So, I've got three more appointments and then back to the doctors office. I did ask about my knee while I was there today, but she said she knew nothing about knees - she was an arm and a wrist person. So, my knee is still stiff, but I've got some stuff to help fix it - we think. I'm now sporting a great new tennis elbow brace for something that really isn't tennis elbow - we think. Oh well, maybe some of the DVD's I've ordered will be here soon and I'll feel somewhat better. I'm really starting to think that if they can't tell you what's wrong - they really shouldn't charge you.

We watched Hollywood Homocide last night with Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett. It was okay. I would reccomend you use a free rental to see it, as it's a pretty funny movie. I would give it three out of five because it's a little slow and a lot predictable.


Oh aren't those gel packs nice?? I have one in my freezer! I should try to track down an extra one and if I'm lucky I'll mail it to you and Jen as a gift to your poor arm.

That steroid shot thing sounded strange...did it hurt? I am very anti shots!
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It wasn't a shot, as I do not do shots. Something has to seriously be wrong for me to get stuck with a needle, and even then I tend to resist. It was weird, it was like the stuff was being absorbed through my skin. I'm assuming it worked, though my arm doesn't feel that much better. The ice felt very good, so I may have to do that again. I still can't believe she wouldn't tell me where I can buy the frickin ice pack.
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