Thursday, November 18, 2004

Closing Day, and a new law?

So, it's closing day. The house is a wreck and we found out last night we don't have enough boxes. No big deal, I'm sure a trip to the liquor store will find us a few more. It's almost noon here so only a few more hours until I sign my life over to a bank for the next 30 years. I guess that's what I'm supposed to be excited about, but I've never been one to enjoy being in debt.

So, I see on the news this morning while I'm packing, that there is a new law being proposed by some ass clown in DC. They want to make it illegal to fast forward through the previews on DVD's. Let's be for real here guys, I'm sure you have bigger fish to fry than people who are fast forwarding through previews on a DVD. If you don't, you should really consider a hobby. Try knitting? Warner Brothers and Paramount both said this is not what they're after. They really want to keep people from downloading and copying movies. This, I can see. I do enjoy movies, and I don't have a problem going to see them whenever possible so I'm all about not video taping movies and downloading them. To me, it's just not as fun, and the video quality generally sucks. Anyway, so now they're trying to pass a law that says I can't fast forward through previews I don't want to watch. So, does this mean if the law goes in to effect that I can't go make popcorn while the previews play? How are they going to enforce this law? Do I have to inform a county mounty every time I'm going to watch a movie so he can come verify that we're watching the previews? If they really think people should watch them, then they should make the DVD where you can't fast forward it.

I honestly can't see this as a problem we need to spend time on. Really, we've got people trying to pass another law that says if your car is a certain number of years old, they can take it and crush it regardless of the condition. No, I don't drive an old piece of junk, but I do like old cars. I even own one. Can you imagine what would happen if someone came to my house with a tow truck and attempted to take a car out of my garage? Normally I'm very calm, cool, and collected but I have a feeling I would make national news if that were to happen. There has to be a point where the control stops. You can't tell me I have to watch previews that I've already seen, and you can't come get my car because it's too old. Why do we waste time on this? It's really not that important if we watch previews or not!

Anyway, I'm done. Two hours until we close. The Nascar Season wraps up this weekend, so hopefully Roush will get a second Championship and Mark Martin will be the guy to get it. We can always hope. Have a good weekend, I'll let you know how the move went on Monday.


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