Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Shopping is done...

I'm sure everyone knows to some extent that when you move, you realize there are things you have to have. Things that require you to shop. We've been shopping hard core to find a refrigerator, and the hot wife wanted some matching end tables. We've got the money for them, so I'm not too worried about it. We've been to Sears three or four times over the last week looking at refrigerator after refrigerator. They have better prices at Lowes, so why we went there I will never know. I feel bad for the guys at Sears because most of them have to sell junk to make any money. I know this because I have a friend that used to work in the electronics department and he said he felt bad selling people Packard Bell's because he knew they were junk. Anyway, this dumb kid kept trying to talk us into a refrigerator and wouldn't walk away when we were trying to talk about it. I can't stand that. If you're that bored, talk, or do something. Don't just stand there. Anyway, we ended up not buying it from him because we got a better price at Lowe's, and I got my garage door opener there too. We had a 10 percent off coupon, and we got a rebate for free delivery so we're in good shape. I'm thrilled to know that I don't have to do any more shopping. Now all I have to do is pack.

So, this morning I finished packing my Franklin Mint Cars, and the remaining Nascar cars. I boxed up the remaining DVD's and moved them all in to the garage. We can't really park in the garage right now because it doesn't work, so we're using it to move all of our stuff down in to. We close in eight days, and move in nine. The countdown continues.


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