Monday, November 15, 2004

A Spinner Update

Well, we're headed out to see a movie this past weekend and we ran across an all new kind of spinner. Instead of having a cheap plastic piece on the outside of the wheel, they had a cheap plastic spinner underneath the outer cheap plastic cap. If you said they were chrome, you guessed right. Seriously - would you want any other color when you're talking about spending $20 here? I know I wouldn't. They had to make room for the reverse spinner as I guess you'd call it, so the caps stuck out from the wheels by three of four inches. Seriously, if you're in a traffic jam next to this guy, at a glance it looks like he's going to scrape the side of your car. These were aweful monstrosities. The really sad thing about all these spinners, plastic and non-plastic, is that people sit around and try to come up with variations on them. There are people out there that buy these and think that one set of plastic spinners is cooler, or more high tech than the other. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE???!?? Why on earth would you do this to a defenseless vehicle? The car obviously did nothing to you, and this is far worse than putting sunglasses and a cigarette on a deer that you have mounted on your wall. I think these are senseless acts of violence. I'm going to write a letter to these people - and see if they can help me get these stopped. Enjoy what's left of your Monday.


I like the new format. Looks good. Also, love the HOPE website. That is too funny. Maybe we should join.
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