Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Two Days to go...

So, this morning I couldn't sleep. I woke up, cleaned the kitchen, washed the dishes, ran the dishwasher, and made myself a nice carnation instant breakfast. Yesterday I ran late so my instant breakfast was made by dumping the packet of powder in my mouth, and attempting to wash it down with milk. This is not the best way to experience instant breakfast - I can assure you. However, I'm somewhat used to it because I used to take creatine, protene powders, and the like and that was the best way to suffer through them. Anyway, I finish what's supposed to be a healthy chocolate milk and head upstairs to start packing my half of the bathroom stuff. That should actually read my quarter since I don't have 75,000 different bottles of nail polish, make-up, lotions, conditioners, but you get the idea. I notice some water on the bathroom floor. The hot wife is still in bed so I know she hasn't showered. I would say that the mat outside of the tub isn't wet, but I recently learned that those are there for decoration, you can't actually use them. Thus, this is not a good way to determine if anyone has been in the shower or not. So, I notice that the toilet is now leaking from a new place and that is the source of the water. Keep in mind, this is a brand new toilet. It was installed by our boob of a landlord a few weeks before we moved it. It has leaked from every possible place since we've moved in. I've changed gaskets, hoses, tightened fixtures - I've done everything. There is only one piece left on this thing that I have not changed out - and now it leaks. Another call to the landlord proved that he isn't returning my call, and he can fix it when we move out next week. I assure you, it's all his. I wonder if he's like this with all of his people, or if it's just us. Anyway, I imagine once an electrician comes out to fix the outlets upstairs, he'll find it won't pass a single code and will be deemed unrentable. At any rate, not much time left to pack and still got a lot to go. Have a good night, and hopefully we'll get packed up soon.


Almost there.. almost there...
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I know...be the little engine that could.
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