Wednesday, November 17, 2004

My 25th hour

Well, in the movie Ed Norton has 24 hours before he goes to jail and uses his "25th hour" to straighten out his life. I'm not going to jail, but we've got one more day to pack. Still no word on the landlord about the leaky toilet. We moved the bath mat so it wouldn't get wet (they're not supposed to you know) and I was expressing my disgust with the neighbors about it this morning. It would appear that the previous bathroom fixture that was there frustrated our landlord to the point that he hit it with a hammer and broke it into 1,000 pieces. I thought it was funny, but the neighbors informed me that our landlord is not the handiest person. I was shocked. I helped the man put a hard top on that stupid suzuki he drives (what kind of grown man drives a pink suzuki sidekick anyway?) and didn't get so much as a thank you. I probably should have not helped, but followed him down the road when it blew off one day - that would have been funny to watch. Anyway, it would seem he was doing a simple fix for the tennants before us and got mad at the toilet so he just broke it and bought another. Seriously - isn't it cheaper to call a plumber? He installed pergo floors in the kitchen and honestly, Highway 153 was smoother when it was under construction than this floor has ever been. It's bad when you swiffer the floor and find dry streaks because of where the floor dips. Anyway, 24 hours to go and much work to be done. Our house looks aweful now. Actually, our boxes of stuff just detract from the carpet that has no identifiable color. Seriously, I wouldn't use this carpet in my garage. It's just wrong that someone would want you to live on this stuff. I may have time for an update tomorrow, but no guarantees. If I don't, then Monday begins the countdown to the Jeff and Mary vacation. I'm tempted to write a different Jeff story for every day (which I'm certain I could do), but I have a feeling only one of us would appreciate that and Jeff has his days where words just can't do him justice. If he'd blog more, you guys would see. That's all for today.


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