Friday, November 12, 2004

Boob just doesn't seem like a strong enough word for some people.

So this guy places an order online, and doesn't fill out the form properly (no shipping address) so he thinks he gets free shipping. I called and explained it to him, and this ass clown still wanted us to ship his order for free. Seeing as we don't ship free, this is hard to do. I can't imagine the audacity these people must have. Seriously, calling someone and saying "Hey, I know one of us has to pay shipping, but I'd really rather it be me. Is that good with you?" is a walk in the park for these people. Given, everyone wants a deal, and unless you want to bring your happy ass down here to pick them up, you've gotta pay freight. I searched the website everywhere for a sign that said "Freight is negotiable if you're an idiot" and I just couldn't find one. I wonder why that is? Anyway, the cheesepecker in question decided if we were going to make him pay the freight he just wasn't going to order from us. So I told him fine, but we'd already shipped his order, and already charged his card. He said "But I don't want you to charge my card." Well, if you really didn't want something on your card, you shouldn't have PLACED AN ORDER WITH IT!!!! The stupidity of the American public sometimes disturbs me. I think when I get old, I'm going to do that to people. The sad thing is, this guy will probably tell all his friends that we're bad people because we charge freight. One of these days I hope to get to speak freely to people like this. I'd love to go "Sir, can you hear yourself? I'm recording this conversation so I can play it back for everyone in the office here. We're all going to laugh at you because you're an idiot." I think that would make my day.

The good news today is that I got to talk to my favorite Nascar drivers crew chief. I'd sold to my driver (Flyin Ryan Newman) back in April and I guess left a good impression. The phone rings today and I hear "Hey man, Matt Borland here at Penske Racing South. Ryan gave me your number..." So, while I can't get pit passes, I have friends at PRS. Cool.

Well, it would appear that the for rent signs in front of the dumplex are ruined after being thrown in the ditch and rained on. What a shame. Six days to go. Have a great weekend.


Dude. Did you poop a brick when Borland called? That is too cool. I hope he didn't ask for a discount though... those dudes already get paid out the rear.
posted by Blogger Jeffy at 8:51 PM  
He didn't ask for one, but since he signed my hat at Atlanta last year, I gave him one. It was pretty dang cool.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 7:55 AM  

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