Monday, November 22, 2004


Well, I'd like to say I'm catching up on sleep but I'm not. We're in our new house and it's great! Yesterday, I woke up, woke the hot wife up and said "Do you hear that?" She sat up, listended and said "Hear what?" Nothing. There was nothing to hear. Generally, waking up on Sunday means the neighbors kids are playing basketball over my wifes car. Never you fear though, the entire time we were moving out, they were playing basketball and were mad we were getting in their way. So, I'm still not up to date on sleep but we got a lot done this weekend. I really wish I'd taken today off to go play in the new house, but I didn't. I keep thinking I'm going to ask my boss to let me leave early, but that won't happen either. Oh well.

With the new house, I inherited a set of golf clubs they neglected to take. I didn't hide these or anything, but they left them. I don't play golf, but with some free clubs I might just consider taking it up. We'll see.

For now, we're still unpacking the stuff we need and throwing away what we don't need. It's very exciting to not be paying rent anymore. The house is great. All I have to do is finish up the garage door opener on my side of the garage and I'll be in good shape. I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Ah the glory of trading in Rent for Mortgage Payments... I can't wait either..
posted by Blogger Jenn at 4:52 PM  
It's nice to not be paying rent, but you're still paying money every month to someone you don't know.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 6:12 PM  
Congrats on your new place!!!!
posted by Blogger Chas at 12:27 PM  

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