Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Moving in, Switching Cell Phones, and the Countdown to Visit Jeff and Mary

So, we've moved in. The house is liveable and the last of our stuff should come over from the dumplex this week. I locked the dead bolt from the inside and closed the garage door to the slumlord can't get in. Sucks to be him. I've still gotta go get my oil pan because the Wifes car needs an oil change.

We learned once we got to the new place that our cell phones didn't work worth a crap out there. I can't say as I thought any different because we're currently with AT&T Wireless. If you're thinking about getting a cell phone - stay as far away from AT&T/Cingular/Root of All Evil as you possibly can. They were a step up from Voice Stream when I had them, but Voice Stream is now T-Mobile and is supposed to be one of the better providers now. We've switched to Verizon now because everyone that came through our house with Verizon phones this weekend got a clear signal and could make a call. Once I'm home, I can't really make a call because it cuts in and out. It's crap. So, our new Verizon phones and start-up kit are in the mail. So long AT&T, you suck.

So, the countdown to our visit to Jeff and Mary begins. Since Jeff doesn't blog, I thought I'd throw out the occasional Jeff story from the glory days. For some reason, this one came to mind today. I remember riding somewhere with Jeff in his Dodge Daytona. Jeff and I drove like cars in high school - we thought it was cool at the time. We thought they were really fast, so we always drove as fast as humanly possible for some reason. Here we are doing about 90mph down Broad Street with the T-Tops out and the radio all the way up as usual. Then, Jeff makes a left hand turn and we find ourselves facing a truck - a really big truck. So we proceed to yell at this guy and give him the finger asking him what the hell he thinks he's doing. He looks at us like we're stupid, and we realize we've gone down a one way street the wrong way. Jeff just backed up, and we went on our way - still talking about what a tool that guy was. We leave for Jeff and Mary's on the 31st so 46 days to go.


Cingular has the worst customer service ever. *shudders* And for all that I absolutely adore Sprint, I don't have good service at my parents' house. But I'm staying with them because I have such a good deal I almost can't afford not to.
posted by Blogger anya at 8:59 PM  
AT&T wasn't any better before they merged. I had to report them to the better business bureau and I'm on record stating that they are the root of all that is unholy and wrong in the universe. I'm sure that looks good when people see it.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 10:03 AM  
I just got Verizon too...good thing I didn't go with Cingular...definitely was considering it.

I was a member of the Dodge Daytona club too....it was my first car. Matter of fact, during my first semester in college, the same one when I had a class with you, my Dodge Daytona pretty much blew up in my driveway. I got home from work one night, 15 minutes later someone knocks on my door and says "Your car's on fire." I knew two other people with Dodge Daytona's where the same thing happened. My tennis racquet was in the car when it happened....it was charred.
posted by Blogger Chas at 12:21 PM  
Yeah, I really liked my Daytona. My Dad bought it brand new in 1984 so I thought it was the coolest thing ever when I turned 16. I guess I talked Jeff in to getting his because I knew how to work on mine he figured he wouldn't have to pay for maintenance. We did save him some money, but his died. Mine never left me stranded so I can't say it was a bad car. That is kinda funny that yours caught on fire.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 11:30 AM  

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