Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Rainy Tuesdays....

I've never cared much for rain, and that's about all we've seen all day today. Not much going on at work. I know I have stuff to do, but nothing that's pressing.

I went to the YMCA to work out today at lunch and they were playing a mixed CD that had the new Gwen Stefani song on it. I despise that song. It sounds exactly the same as the stuff she did with No Doubt, only now we're supposed to care that she's gone solo. Her song is horrible, at least U2 duped me in to buying their new album with a couple of good songs. By the way, if you want a copy, I'll make it for you. One of us has bought this, why do the rest of us need to spend money on it?

At any rate. I've decided that I need to upgrade to something much more "professional" and much more cool as far as rides go. I like my Jeep, it's never left me stranded, never broken down, and when the weather gets bad it just can't be beat. So, I'm polling the audience again. I've always been strictly Chrysler so the next ride will be no different. What does the audience think that a cop look-a-like salesman should drive? Here are my two favorites thus far -



The Crossfire SRT-6 is an awesome car, but probably the most impractical piece of machinery designed since a moped. Anyway, not sure which one would suit me best but I'll take either one I can talk the wife in to. Either that, or I'll go with a truck. A really big truck. Just a thought. Enjoy your rainy Tuesday.


I say get a truck; every household needs one. If you choose one of the other two options, the Charger has to be it.
posted by Blogger Chas at 7:40 PM  
Oh NO! The Crossfire. Much more sporty, and not as narcish. In case you're still worrying about your reputation!
posted by Blogger Jenn at 9:57 AM  

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