Saturday, January 22, 2005

Ever Wonder?

Here are some things I've been wondering about...

Surfing through Columbia House DVD's under $10 today. Have you ever wondered why you've only heard of two of the movies out of the 10,000 that are there? Have you ever wondered what happens to these movies that they make and no one sees? The under $10 section even had a "coming soon" section. It's like they know no one is going to pay for this movie so they pre-order it at $4.95.

Every wonder why people go to the gym just to use towels? My workout partner and I were going to hit the sauna after the workout, but there were no towels. We figured it was late to how bad could it be? We'd just walk in and sit for a few. Well, we see a 200 year old naked man with a towel over each arm, a towel around his neck, a towel over his head, a towel over each leg, and a towel for his walkman to sit on. Do you need that many towels? If you're going to take all of those towels, wouldn't it be wise to cover your midsection? Don't you think the rest of us would appreciate it?

Ever wonder why people get a gym membership to not work out? We have old men that just come to the gym to use towels and not work out. What's the point? It's like the Sports Barn here. They have a bar so when people don't feel like working out they can have a beer or two. Doesn't this defeat the purpose? I do drink occasionally, but something about having a beer after we work out is weird.

Do you ever wonder if people think about what they say before they say it, or if it just comes out wrong? We get some of the dumbest questions and comments here and some days I have to wonder - did they think about that before they said it? Or worse yet - did they think about it and it seemed like a good idea?

Some days, you just have to wonder.


Just be glad you're a guy. And that that man used any towels. Imagine being in the locker room and having a 200 year old woman walking around with NO towels. Oh how I wished she'd been frivilous with the towel usage. Covering up anything would have been nice. But no, she had to walk around in her birthday suit, doing her hair in the mirror, packing up her non-clothing bag items, finding her shoes, etc....
I really hope I have good girlfriends when I reach that ripe age who will stop me from doing similar things. May they snap a towel on my saggy, wrinkly
posted by Blogger Insanity Infusion at 10:09 AM  
Post workout nutrition is one thing, but hefting a beer is not how to go about it. I feel your pain on your gym experiences. Luckily I don't know anyone at my current gym so I don't have to talk to anyone. I can get in and get out fairly quickly! And after that I have a nice protein shake...not a beer. Jees...
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 10:34 AM  

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