Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Product Review

One of the things I got for Christmas was a Mr. Clean AutoDry Car Wash Kit I've always liked cleaning my car as I used to do it religiously in high school and college. Somehow owning a Jeep takes the fun out of it. No matter how clean it is, it's still a Jeep. Well, being in the auto industry any time we attend a trade show people heap free samples on you of waxes, washes, polishes, cleaners, and protectants. Most of them are junk and I have a cabinet full of stuff I'll never use all of at home. Every now and then I find something that I really like, but it's pretty seldom that I do.

So, my crazy Aunt and Uncle got me the Mr. Clean deal. I was skeptical about it so I never bought one myself. Believe it or not, sometimes the household cleaner companies make better car cleaners than any one of the things you'll find on the aisle at Pep Boys. Kiwi, the shoe polish people, used to have an awesome interior protectant that I bought so much of I can't believe they stopped making it. At any rate - Mr. Clean stands up pretty well compared to other car washes. It's nice because you don't have to have a bucket and you've got just the right amount of soap to do the average sized car. My wifes car is black, so this was pretty much the ultimate test. If it can clean black and make it look good - it works. The only real drawback to it is that the dispenser that attaches to the hose is plastic. That makes me feel like I can't drop it because it will bust. Outside of that, I have no complaints. You really don't have to dry the car, it honestly does dry spotless. Probably the coolest feature on it is the Pur water filter on it so if you have water with lots of funk in it, it doesn't affect the drying time, or the wash you've just done.

Nothing exciting in the world of work today. Elektra comes out this weekend and hopefully I'll get to go see it. It is the hot wifes birthday on Wednesday so I'll probably have to wait which is okay. Maybe I'll take the day off work and see a matinee this Friday, but we'll see.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Hmm I bet that kit is something my husband would like. I'm not allowed to wash the car. I've tried and in about three times the length that it takes him to wash the car, I still end up having dirt smudges that somehow I missed.

My husband is very particular about what he uses on the car and all our cars in the past. Something about paint protection yadda yadda. I focus more on...ooo it's sunny out, I bet I can work on my tan if I wash the car.

My husband used to have a Mitsubishi Turbo VR4? or something like that. Bright red and black leather interior..it looked sharp. Too much car for me to drive, but I swear the way he took care of that thing!

Out here in the midwest, they salt the roads so badly during the winter with the snow. It's too cold to wash the car yourself this time of year, so we go to an automatic car wash. However, that's a whole other ordeal.

We've got an SUV now, but my husband is still super 'guyish' about taking care of it. So we have to find the SPECIAL car wash places that don't recycle their water. He wants clean water so that all that salt isn't shot back up into the car.

Personally, I like having the job of pretending the car wash machine is a big monster and making goofy faces and acting scared when we go through it instead of worrying about how much salt is here or there and how the paint is faring.
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Drive through car washes are the worst thing you can do to your car. Well, dishwashing liquid might tie for first, but it's on up there.

This is pretty cool. I really like it and it looks like I'll get to use it again after all the rain we've had these last few days. Rain really sucks when your wife has a black car.
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