Wednesday, January 19, 2005

This should be Friday.

I say this, not because today is a good day, but today feels like it should be Friday. This week feels so long and it's only half over. It probably wouldn't be so bad if I didn't feel like poking my eyes out rather than working.

We were supposed to go see a Mariachi band tonight with some friends, but they got sick so we're not doing that. Being sick sucks. I got over a cold just before we went on vacation and I assure you nothing makes me less fun to be around than having a cold.

Work today is the usual crap. Too much to do, too little time, no overtime allowed because "it isn't justifiable." Nice. People seem to get more and more stupid as the day goes on. I gave a guy specific instructions on how to measure something yesterday so he said "I'll have my personal mechanic look at it for me to be sure we get it right." I need to meet some of these personal mechanics. I've talked to guys like this that don't know how to change a tire but are giving people advice on how to restore a car. Seriously. That'd be like me telling Emeril how to cook. Don't get me wrong, I know how to cook a few dishes, but I'm no Emeril. This guy gets mad and has his mechanic call me. I finally asked "How many times have you done this?" His response was the usual "been doin it my whole life boy - who do you think you are to tell me how to do thangs differnt now?" This is a simple cut and dry procedure. It's not that he wasn't doing it my way, or the company way. This method was in place years before we were ever even in business. So I said "well, you've been doing this wrong your whole life if that's the case. There is no middle ground with this, it either fits or doesn't and you can't force it on there if it doesn't fit." Then he understands and says he always thought everyone else was wrong. Seriously - that many people throughout your whole life can't be wrong. If you think they have been, you've just got a mental problem that no one can solve.

Tonight might just be a straight Tequila night before it's all over. Two hours to go here at work and we're so busy I can't see anything on my desk but papers. Oh how I wish this was Friday.


Well, don't forget that Wednesday is 'hump' day and that mixed in with a little Tequila might make for a Fridayish evening!

Sorry your day has been crappy!
posted by Blogger Insanity Infusion at 7:23 PM  
And OH how I wish it were Friday can't even imagine. I am totall with you on this one.
posted by Blogger Chas at 7:25 PM  
Sweet, we should get together for some Tequila shooters this weekend. Sound good?
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 10:33 AM  

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