Monday, January 17, 2005

Q-tips, and Circuit City, the most annoying things of the weekend.

Well, this was a somewhat eventful and somewhat uneventful weekend. Our goal was to clean up the basement, but it looks like we've deferred that to another weekend. We didn't accomplish that, but the hot wife did let me go see Elektra with our new friends and it was great. It was so good, she even liked it and she normally does not like comic book movies. If you're interested in it, and you were a big Daredevil fan, it's good - but totally unrelated to Daredevil in any shape form or fashion. It has somewhat of a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon element about it, but it's all in English so don't worry about the subtitles. For sure worth seeing it if you're in to those kind of movies.

I was looking at our box of Q-tips we keep in the bathroom and was doing the usual post-shower cleaning of the ears. Has anyone else ever noticed that one side of the Q-tip isn't spun correctly and always comes apart in your ear? This drives me nuts. It's like I'm supposed to choose which ear is my favorite, or waste two Q-tips. What idiot makes these things? Is there a place where one can go to return non-compliant Q-tips? Probably not.

While we're on things that get on my nerves. The Hot Wife finally let me get a Home Theater system a few weeks ago. It rocks, and I'm sending our old one down to Jeff and Mary (I promise, it's coming soon) for them to use. Well, Circuit City has this great guarantee. If they put something on sale within 30 days of purchase, you get 100 percent of the difference back. Well, it seems that they forgot to mention that it doesn't count if they put it on sale online. I printed out a sheet this past weekend and they said "Oh, well. That offer does not apply to prices posted on the web." If you read the agreement behind them printed on the wall in bold letters, it says nothing of the sort. Later today I'm sending Circuit City a nasty e-mail to let them know what I think of their ass backwards policy. I don't imagine I'll get much satisfaction out of it, but it's worth a shot.


You know, that's a real issues with stores: Online vs Tangible Store.

My gf ran into a problem sort of similar regarding Halloween costumes. Her daughter wanted to be a Disney Princess and they had looked at all the costumes at the online Disney Store. My friend thought it would be more fun for her daughter to pick the stuff out in person, and since it was ALL ON SALE, they wen't to the mall so they could have a lot of fun doing it together as a mom-daughter outting. Well, they got to the mall and NONE of the stuff was on sale. My friend asked them why it wasn't on sale as the online store had it on a big sale..the very same items. And the sales clerk said they are different stores and their sales don't go hand in hand. So my friend had to take her daughter back out empty handed. Why would she pay double for something? She was furious and her daughter was heartbroken. Only to get home and have the items sold out because the sale was so good online!

I think stores should be the same-tangible or online. If they carry the same name, to me, they are the same!

They should honor their policy and give you the money!
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I'm with you there. If it says Disney or Circuit City - it's on in the same. I can understand web only prices how we do it, but we're primarily mail order. It's a joke to have things done like this. I doubt I'll hear back from CC, but we'll see.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 12:46 PM  
We had a great time too!!

I also do some post shower ear cleaning on a daily basis...but I've never had that Q-tip problem, weird.
posted by Blogger Chas at 2:14 PM  

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