Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Double Standards?

Okay, so one of the latest news stories here in TN is this 27 year old teacher that was sleeping with her 13 year old student. First off, what is this about? I've seen this girl on the news and I'm quite confident she could get a guy her age. Anyway, she's supposedly getting charged with multiple counts of sexual battery. I'm not really sure how you can charge a Barbie doll like this lady with sexual assault on any guy. It's just weird. Secondly, it went on for a year and a half and she was married! Her husband filed for divorce last month because of marital misconduct. Wow, that's a shock. If there is any money to be had, I'm certain he'll have it all. Any judge that awards differently has issues.

The really disturbing part to me is that there is talk of putting this girl in prison for life (or 100 years whichever comes first) but we let Michael Jackson walk the streets. Where is the logic here? She's at least partaking of members of the opposite sex. I don't think either case is right, by any stretch of the imagination, but if you're going to let one of them go - why would it be Michael Jackson? What sense does this make? Are we saying it's okay to invite thousands of little boys to share your bed with you? Do we think this is normal? Is this more acceptable than our kid that had the hots for his teacher? Our justice system is so messed up these days. Mostly because it has messed up people in court all the time, but our values are all wrong.


There is definitely a double standard, but I don't agree with you on all counts. Regardless of her looks, sleeping with a thirteen year old boy is sickening, and will most definitely affect him in some way for a long time. She deserves jail time, not 100 years, but she needs punishment along with a lifetime of counseling. 13 year old boys are idiots; I just cannot imagine her mindset.

However, if you've been watching our local news, I'm sure you heard that Andy Chastain (former asst. principal at Red Bank HS) got off with six years parole, no jail time. He had a two year affair with a fifteen year old...and had her initials tattooed on his butt. The news today said that Tennessee generally doesn't give jail time for statutory rape cases, just parole. I guess we'll see if the female is charged with statutory rape or child molestation. Maybe that's the difference.

Oh, and Michael Jackson is a freak of nature....he does deserve 100 years.
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Oh I'm not saying she's right. I'm just saying I know how 13 year old boys think. That's got to be every one of thems fantasy - but we all knew it would never happen, and we had no teachers we wanted it to happen with. I think the girl is totally sick and probably deserves jail time. Not sure what good it will do her. I'm sure your line of work makes you realize just how sick she is. The guy in Dead Bank has some issues too. There should probably be a rehab center for them with Michael Jackson at the head of the class. I guess my point was why do we look at this as bad, but we're letting Michael slide on a couple here and there. Totally wrong in both cases.
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ha, if it was up to me, MJ would have been behind bars long ago. I don't understand why he keeps getting off without even a slap on the wrist. I guess it's all money driven. He should have been behind bars for a long time now.
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Amen sister.
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