Sunday, February 06, 2005

Patriots Win...and WE HAVE CABLE!!!!

Well, I like football but this year I really didn't have a team in the Superbowl. I had reasons to pull for and against both teams so some time this afternoon I decided on the Patriots. I'm in a business negotiation with someone here in town that is a big Eagles fan. This guy is such a boob and made me so mad this week I was pulling for the Pats. That, coupled with Jeff despising the Eagles made me want to see the Pats win.

Honestly, I could care less. Usually the wife and I do superbowl parties, hang out with friends, something. This year, we stayed home and cleaned. We're settling more and more in to the new house and I've been doing laundry all frickin day. We normally only watch for the commercials, but this year their just weren't any. The FedEx commercial was good, the Mustang Commercials were good, and the one commercial for Ameriquest Mortgage with the cat was good, but that was it. Does anyone else feel this way, or is it just me?

Well, 14 days until I don't watch the Daytona 500 (because I know who is going to win) and my Sundays will be full up. The really good news of the entire weekend is that we have cable! For a year and a half we've lived with a set of rabbit ears. The reception at the new house is so bad it's not even funny. Friday afternoon, we're cable subscribers. Now I can sit at home on Saturday mornings and watch Speedvision in my underwear (I'm sure that's a thought none of you wanted so think of it more as an expression), drink some OJ and pretty much in general be lazy. Ahh...the life of a late 20's cable subscriber.


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