Thursday, February 03, 2005

Gym memberships and perceived authority

So, I lost my ID card to get in to the gym membership when we moved. I've been using my license because they say all you have to do is present a valid ID. Today, the quiet old man behind the counter says his usual good morning, then says "Patrick. I'm told this is no longer acceptable. You cannot use this one more day at this facility. I am going to write your name down and keep it at this desk so you can no longer get away with it." Then this stupid old man writes my name down on a piece of paper. I haven't had my name written down since elementary school. What's worse is that he couldn't just tell me to go get a new ID. He had to make a spectacle of it, talk down to me, and threaten to not let me in. Seriously, he's old and I don't think he could stop anyone from coming in. It's amazing that someone can take such a small authority and act like they're ruler of the gym. So I get my new card and they take it back over to him to scan it then give it back to me. When I leave I say "Did you need to scan this again? I don't want a check by my name when I come in tomorrow." He didn't appreciate that so I told him he had too much perceived authority. I think as much money as we pay in gym fees, and all they require is a valid ID, I shouldn't have to take crap from a janitor that works the front counter because he can't use his scan gun to sign my card. He didn't appreciate this talk either, so I explained to him perceived authority. I told him it ranked up there with parking attendants and that people that had small authority and something to prove lashed out on people for no reason because they're in charge. He didn't think he did that, but I told him he did. I suppose now he won't scan my card tomorrow because he doesn't have to. This could get ugly.


Luckily I haven't ran into that situation here with the Y. I usually get someone who takes my card, scans it and hands it back to me. Occassionally they'll greet me, but most of the times they don't. I've thought about opening a gym one of these days, where it would be the 'perfect' gym. Of course I'm sure someone would find something to complain about, but I like to dream that I'd be able to put some kind of gym together that the masses would like.
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Sheesh Patrick... you're no longer acceptable! You know, you and Greg have so much in common sometimes it scares me. Only here we are battling prick frat boys and sorostitutes. I hate this town.
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There was a old candy store chain here called Fannie Mae's that recently closed, but opened up under new ownership or something, blah blah blah. Anyway, every time I went into one of their little stores, there were ALWAYS a bunch of old ladies working there. In my experience, they've never been all that nice, probably because it takes them forever and a day to fill up the boxes, which I'm sure drives some customers crazy. Anyway, a good friend of mine was there once and an old lady behind the counter accused him of stealing a chocolate. He insisted upon his innocence but she just would not drop the accusations. So he went to the Godiva shop at the other end of the mall, bought a big box of their chocolate, and ate it in front of that Fannie Mae store, making sure this old woman could see him. To this day he still won't eat Fannie Mae chocolate, despite being some awesome stuff. But I guess that old lady with perceived authority really got to him. :)
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Oh're so bold. I, for one, hate confrontation, but I'll do it if it's an absolute seem to almost like it :). At least you seem good at it. You say the things everybody else is thinking.
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It's not that I enjoy it. It's that I seem to bring this out in people. For some reason people think they have to prove things to me, like this guy wanted to prove he had authority. I guess it's just my nature to snap back when someone acts like that. I think there are certain ways people should talk to you, and there are certain ways I should talk to people. I keep up my end of the deal so I think they should keep up their end. Do I seem like a horrible person? I think the blog makes it sound worse than it really is.
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