Thursday, February 10, 2005

Friday please don't be late...

So work sucked ass today but that's no suprise. If it was fun, they wouldn't call it work. I'd get paid to visit Jeff and Mary or hang out with Chas and J if I could. If I figure that out guys, we'll all have a new career. Anyway, this week has been the kind of week where I've sat in my car five minutes before work debating to call in sick or not. Without fail I've chickened out and gone. I hate the people at work as much as I hate the people at the gym. Why? Because they're stupid.

We have a new girl at work. I don't know what she does, but I know her name. I've introduced myself, I say hi when I pass her. That's pretty much the extent. I may be an unsocial bastard, but I really don't need to sit a bs with someone unless it pertains to what I'm doing or what I have to get done. So why is work like the gym you ask? Because guys act like they've been at summer camp when fresh meat shows up. Summer camp? Yes, when you work at scout camp for eight weeks without seeing a single female - the deer start to look pretty. A bunch of guys (all married I should add) were going on about the new girl like we had Pamela Anderson working for us. I finally said "Does she have a steak attached to her neck that I didn't see?" They said it was because I was a newly wed. Make no mistake, I look at my fair share of women. My wife knows this. However, I've never been a vulture (no comments from Jeff please) that circles over them waiting for an opportunity to dive in for the kill. It won't matter how long I'm married - I have a hot wife and I'm happily married. It's the same way in a gym full of roid heads. An average girl walks in and she's a goddess among insects. God forbid someone really attractive come in. I can only imagine the poor girl then. Don't get me wrong, this new girl isn't ugly, but she's not someone I would pursue if I were single. She hadn't been working by herself for 30 minutes before she had a crowd around her. Call me crazy, but I bet women enjoy the useless bs less than I do. I saw a friend of mines girlfriend in the gym the other day and just said Hi. No conversation - just hi. I told him "Hey, tell her not to be mad. I despise when people talk to me while I'm working out and I hate looking like a gym vulture." He said not to worry, she hates that shit too. I hate it. Find something better to do with your time than pester the shit out of someone who doesn't deserve it.

The new girl had a married guy ask her out. She's not been there seven days yet. If I was her, or any girl that went in to a gym, I'd run screaming. The reason for today's blog - guys are frickin' nuts. Every time I see a guy looking like a jackass performing one of these ridiculous acts I hate that it's illegal for me to run over and beat him until I can't lift my arms. I know. I should probably seek anger management classes before I have a heart attack.


LOL!!! Oh that is so funny.

We're in the process of hiring someone new and we've been trying to make sure that their hot, but I doubt that's going to happen!

We have one guy at work (I've posted about him before) that if it has 2 legs and 2 boobs, he's asking it out for a date. I used to go to lunch with him and when we'd walk down the alley to get to the lunch place, he'd have to introduce himself to every DAMN female that we passed along the way (It was the smokers alley). I was totally embaressed and quit going out to lunch with him.
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It's always nice to have hot girls in the office. We had a guy like that in our office here. We were in a company vehicle and he would hang his head out and yell wonderfully clever things like "Yummy," and "Damnit Girl!" Nothing to make you want to crawl under the seat more than that.
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That's right on the money though...

I can't speak for all women, and I won't even try to speak for most women, but I personally hate all that balogna. Why do you think they've made "all women" gyms? A long time ago, my husband and I used to work out on free weights together and the weight machines. It was obnoxious though, because so many guys (in such obvious ways even though they didn't think they were being obvious) would oogle to catch a glimpse of anything they could while lifting the bar or repositioning my body on the bench ....I mean, I was there to ...HELLO...WORK OUT...not spend half my time making sure my clothes were laying appropriately so as no one would see more than they needed to. A lot of women complained about this and voila...the women gym caught on. But I don't bother with gyms any more. I really liked having my husband as my lifting partner, but I have no interest in going to a co-gym.

I think its sad that the guys you work with are such 'vultures' as you call them. That says so much about you that you don't partake in such childish behavior. Women can be just as bad. It's one thing to quietly mention that you think someone is nice looking to co-workers, but to pester her....ugh.

Poor girl.
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I'll give her four weeks before she gets someone fired.

Roid heads are the worst at the gym. They don't even try to be discreet about it. Classy guys.
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