Friday, February 18, 2005

Random Rant

Well, I figured since I was "randomly selected" to be drug tested today. I'd rant about a few random things. I hate being drug tested. Today is already a short day for me and I blew an hour of my time - and as far as I can tell company money - to get a drug test. In case any of you wondered - I passed. I always pass. The only time I was ever questioned was for steroid use. No, I didn't use steroids. I used some supplements made by EAS called CytoVol and Androstein. The Andro is a mucle enhancer that made me very ticked off all the time, and very strong. CytoVol is supposed to increase vascularity and make you look more pumped up all the time. If you're wondering they both worked. However, on a drug test they show up as steiroids and narcotics. I think the Andro has been outlawed (it was in NCAA competition then) and the CytoVol is a different formula. At the time, all I did was work out and I was huge - now I'm huge in a different way but I'm working on it. Anyway, it seems they always call on me to get drug tested. My last job made me get drug tested three times in eight months. When HR called (we had caller ID) I just didn't answer the phone after that. Random drug testing sucks and I got in a fight with my boss about it. He told me "it makes us a better company." I told him it sucked and it was a waste of my time.

I ranted a couple of days ago about traffic. It seems I overlooked some things so I'll clarify on them now. If you choose to pull out in to traffic, you must do so with force. If you pull out, you must come up to speed or wait for a larger opening. Also, if you need to turn right, the left lane is NOT the lane for you. If you attempt to cross three lanes of traffic within 10 feet, you will be dragged from your car and beaten. Lastly, if you are in the right turn only lane and do not with to turn, this is no ones fault but your own. Do not attempt to go straight and think that people will move because you're an idiot. It is now legal for us to run you in to the wall, and this is also not a valid thing to claim on your car insurance. It will up your rates, but you get to pay out of pocket to fix it as this is no ones fault but your own.

That's all I can think of for now. With any luck I'll get to see the new movie Constantine tonight. Have a good weekend and enjoy the race. Daytona kicks off Sunday at 2:00!!!


Let's not forget the driving in the rain without your lights on, or leaving your turn signal on way after you've switched lanes, or driving more than 10 miles per hour above the speed limit--or more than 2 miles per hour below it! Grr!
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