Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Yeah...that's just great.

Well, it's my last week here. I figured it would be the roughest week since I started and so far it has been. Since Insanity would go in to withdrawls if I didn't post another good customer story - here you go. We get a call last night from a guy that was supposed to return something like six months ago. We still didn't have it, but we figured he was taking his time. He calls wanting to know where his replacement is and complains that we're taking too long. Since we never received his damaged one, we couldn't ship a replacement - that makes sense right? If the order is pending inspection of his damaged item, why would we ship a new one without having that one back here? We wouldn't. Well, he says he doesn't have this thing anymore and starts raising a fuss. I asked him what did he do with it. He said "I left it at the post office by one of those UPS and FedEx package pickup places. I was moving and I didn't know what else to do. You said to send it back so I figured that would take care of it. What was I supposed to do?" Anything but that is the answer. Seriously, are you that numb between your ears??? Why in the world would you leave a package just sitting somewhere? It gets better. The guy a different state. This is also information that would have been helpful BEFORE he moved. Just to keep everyone up to speed, here is where we are: He bought something that was damaged by the shipper, asked to return it, we okayed it, instead of shipping the package back he leaves it at the post office and moves three states away figuring everyone will know he's moved. We weren't sure what to do so we got our shipper to drive by the post office once we got an address (that took 30 minutes to find) and search for a package that was left there...six weeks ago. He didn't mention that earlier either. Six weeks and he thinks we'd just magically find out that he relocated and all would be well. By dumb luck, we found the package. It was delivered to his old house and the new people living there didn't know what to do with it so they just left it there. He started in again that we could have fixed this six weeks ago so I said "You are the one that could have fixed it. If it hadn't been at your old house, you would have just been out the money." He changed his tune and I think he'd realized what we'd spent the last hour trying to fix. Hopefully that will be my last dumb customer story, but I imagine it won't be. I'll have plenty more.

Tonight its all you can eat wings at Hooters (yes, the wife agreed to go) and War of the Worlds. It's two hours of Tom Cruise NOT talking about Katie Holmes or Scientology so I look forward to it. I'll have a review first thing tomorrow morning.


Hooters has GREAT wings! We used to go often. That sounds so YUM right now. The super hot ones are a killer though - need lots of beer! Beer has been my biggest crave this pregnancy and I.can't.have.any! Boo!
posted by Blogger Insanity Infusion at 1:33 PM  
When you get unpregnant you'll have to come to the scenic city and let us buy you guys a beer or two. Jen doesn't do chicken wings so if you guys came in we could all have a blast!
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 3:42 PM  
I will be looking forward to your War of the Worlds review. I can't wait to see it, but it may be a while before I get the chance. :(
posted by Anonymous interblogger at 8:20 PM  
This is when I need babysitters. I can rent any movie in the world. But getting to the theater is really hard.

Mmmm wings... but I like BDubs better.
posted by Blogger Jenn at 9:42 AM  
I must say I'm going to miss the dumb customer stories, but I'm guessing that dealing with college students will bring many more tales.
posted by Blogger Chas at 2:09 PM  

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