Sunday, November 27, 2005

Fried Turkeys and Movie Reviews

So the Turkey fry went well. It took a long time to fry all the turkeys for everyone but it ended up being pretty fun. We had to fry in the garage so the basement smells like a McDonalds right now but we're airing it out. The turkeys turned out good and my dad finally stopped going nuts...temporarily I'm sure but we made it through the turkey fry alright.

We've been in a serious movie mode lately so we've seen a bunch of them. My hot wife had some of her friends come in town this weekend so we went and saw Just Friends. It's a pretty funny movie, I didn't laugh near as hard as I did at The Wedding Crashers, but it was funny. It was worth seeing, but you might want to check out a matinee.

We started Netflix again because obviously we need to increase our DVD collection. Last night we watched John Q and In Good Company. John Q was good. It was a pretty heartfelt drama and I think it's based on a true story. Basically John's son needs a heart transplant and his insurance won't cover it. He tries to raise the money through church but the hospital still wants to discharge his son so he can watch his son die. After all his efforts fail, he takes the hospital hostage. It's not exactly an action movie but it's a good flick.

We rented In Good Company because we didn't get to see it in theaters. We'd heard it was just hilarious and I think the advertisements said it was the comedy of the year. It really wasn't funny. I can't say as I liked it all that much, but it was a decent story about corporate mergers and growing pains and things like that. I'll probably never watch it again, and I can't really say I'm glad I saw it. It's not even in the chic flic category so I'm not sure where to place it. Basically I can do without this movie.

Circuit City had a $5 sale on movies Friday morning so I got copies of Donnie Brasco, The Last Boy Scout, Blade Runner, Black Hawk Down, Femme Fatale (yeah, it was weird), In the Line of Fire, Original Sin, and the Unrated Version of Wild Things. I watched Wild Things, it had maybe 30 seconds of footage different from the original movie. Not near the hype it's given on the front cover but the extra scenes do have something to add that the original did not.

I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving. If you ever feel you're at a shortage for turkey, just let me know and we'll FedEx you some fried turkey.


I thought In Good Company was an interesting movie. Sure didn't like the way it ended however. I hate movies that just end like that.

I thought John Q was a pretty good movie. I would go on with my middle class analogy here, but I won't.

I need to watch some of these older movies that you picked up. Last Boy Scout, Blade Runner, Black Hawk Down.

I'm trying to remember what we saw this last week. Oh yeah...Mindhunters. Never did much at the theatre, but a good thriller. Keeps you guessing until the end. Bewitched (new one)...okay movie. Can't remember the other one we watched.
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For some reason I've heard of Mindhunters. Was it any good? Last Boy Scout is okay, not near as good as I remembered. I've never seen Blade Runner, but it's a classic so I figured it was worth $5.

I did want to see Bewitched so maybe I'll Netflix it but there are a few more movies that are before it.
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