Wednesday, February 01, 2006

State of the Union

Yeah, I watched the address last night, but who didn't? Personally I'm not sure why we do these things, maybe it's to make us feel like we're informed. I think the President did a good job, I think what he said was clear, down the middle, and I could probably go along with most of it. My only problem with these things is the opposing party and their rebuttle. Last night the Governer from Virginia looked like a complete and total ass to me. He said "There is a better way" nine freakin times. Okay man, if there is that much of a better way, tell us what the hell it is! I remember we watched one a few years ago where there response was something to the effect of "we need to focus more on the economy at home...we need to buy more american products....we need to get our prescription drugs from Canada." What is that about? They contradicted themselves a few other times that night. Can they not hear themselves? Did the intern proofing that not do their job, or is someone going "Tee hee hee hee, I added 'there is a better way' NINE time to his speech! Tee hee hee hee!" I think they should let people like me say what we think. I think you'd get an honest answer instead of one parties propaganda. According to an "NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll conducted January 26 through 29 found 47 percent of those polled preferred a Democrat-controlled Congress, compared with 36 percent, who preferred it to be controlled by Republicans following this year's elections. A majority of respondents in the same poll, however, said the Democratic Party lacked a clear agenda and ideas on major issues." I can only guess if there was a box that said "Do you think there is a better way?" that this same 47 percent might have checked that. Governer Kaine certainly checked that box...nine times. I think rather than pointing fingers, or saying "there is a better way" we should find a better way. If Governer Kaine knows of a better way, by God bring it out. It's much easier to say nine times that you know how to do something better than to actually do it. I think the Republican response should have been a short and simple "Show us this better way you speak of." That's it. If this ass clown knows a better way to solve all our problems, let's see it. Stop mentioning past events, and how you would have done them better, bring out this better way that you're keeping secret and let's see if it will work. Personally, I'm calling bullshit on your better way as I don't think you have one. I can imagine the President is too, but now you have a chance to prove us wrong. So...let's have it.


I was probably one of the few Americans that did not watch the state of the union, but the man makes me SOOOOO angry when I watch him.
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Even thought I agree with Bush most of the time I was also one of them that didn't watch it. :) I really should have, but was just lacking the energy(??) to do so.
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It's always tiring and both sides are so frustrating to me that they should just say "For the next hour we'll be taking over your TV. We will solve nothing, and we'll argue like schoolgirls. Thanks for your time." That would be more honest.
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I watched approximately 3 seconds of last night's speech - all I learned was that American's are addicted to oil. But that was said by a commentator not the President.

I'm with you if you've got a better way - bring it.
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Tivo'd it. Haven't seen it yet. But I will say this. I can't watch the response because I get angry.

I stopped watching them after 911 when Hillary (Imabulldyke) Clinton stood on the roof of a neighboring building and said that it was all G. Dub's fault. And then totally lied that her Hubby ever knew about it. Then when they told her they received the threat during HIS administration, she started some peace is the answer bullshit. So yeah, don't watch what the other side said.

Although Im a huge proponent of a Democrat Congress and a Republican President. We have to have balance somewhere, or they all just railroad us until we get someone newly elected.

This whole "the Constitution is to protect the majority from the minority" is bullcrap.
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Wait...just to be sure here...are you telling me you actually have some weird expectation for the public figures in our government to somehow improve our standard of living? Maybe even solve a problem or two? That's utterly preposterous sir. I must therefore question your lineage and propose the theory that an animal resides within at some point.

God I missed my broadband access
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Up Periscope! Now-- Here THIS...

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