Thursday, October 07, 2004

When the heck did I get old???

So I decided a while ago that I was overweight and needed to do something about it. Yesterday morning I thought I'd get up and run a mile, and then walk with my mom for an hour like I usually do. I haven't lifted weights in about a month now because of this elbow thing I've had going on. Not sure what it's about, but I actually considered going to the doctor about it. This morning I went walking again with mom and I noticed that my knee was sore. I've never had any major sports injuries or anything through college or high school. Today I wake up and my knee hurts to walk on. What the heck is this about? I'm not even 30 yet! Sigh. I guess we all get old, but somehow I thought I could avoid it. I have to go now - I've got to make a doctor's appointment for my elbow - and now my knee as well.


Oh you could have left out the comment, "I'm not even 30 yet!"

Ouch! :)

Maybe in your mission to get in shape, you're missing out on some of the vitamins you were normally getting through some of the foods you are no longer eating? And your body is achey bc it's lacking some of the basic nutrients? The body is a strange thing so who knows.

Good luck at the doctor's! I hope it's nothing serious. Maybe it's just your looming thirtieth birthday? :D
posted by Blogger Insanity Infusion at 1:12 PM  
Well, your anime picture made you look much younger than 30. I guess I missed the memo on me turning 50 overnight. This sorta sucks.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 3:11 PM  
You can talk about being old when you're pregnant. Lets not talk about body parts hurting and not working properly. Of course my laziness may play into that.... NAH!

I have a Sentra... maybe I need some spinners! I definitely think the Mustang needs some. Jen would love them, Im sure!!
posted by Blogger Jenn at 4:00 PM  
Oh yeah, I really need spinners on the Mustang. That would be great. We could actually make some money on the deal, because my wheels are worth more used than a spinner set would cost at Wal-Mart. That is a great idea Jenn. Why didn't I think of it?

I also think that the spinners would be great on the Sentra. It is a car you could really "pimp-up".

BTW, you can't be getting old, because then I am too. I thought that we promised to not get older together. ;)
posted by Blogger Jen at 8:58 AM  
OK. Everyone else is old. Jen and I are young, beautiful women who shall always remain 21 (which is the age I am sure we agreed that we would no longer age past) Cause for almost one month out of the year (one week shy actually) Jen and I are the same age. Sigh. Why did I have to be born at the END of the year??!
posted by Blogger Jenn at 10:12 AM  

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