Monday, December 06, 2004

The Bachelor Pad

So, the wife flew out to Baltimore for a training seminar on Sunday. That means I'm at home with her new car, in the new house by myself, and no cable TV. This has to be what having a bachelor pad is like. Yes, I did opt to drive her car this week. Who wouldn't?

Well, I thought this was going to be cool. I was thinking about having a house to myself, watching the fuzz that we call TV service, and drinking beer at home. I realized, we have no beer, when it rains here you can't see a damn thing on TV (did I mention no cable?), and I have work to do around the house. I've got things to unpack, things to clean, bills to pay. This sucks. Not only is my hot wife in Maryland, my mother thinks I'm incapable of staying by myself. I went by to visit yesterday and was going to head home when I was greated with a "No you're not. You just got here." I'd been there for three hours. I finally escaped at nine, got home in time to get nothing accomplished, and overslept this morning.

Just keeping you all posted, that's why you won't see any new Blogs from the Jen this week. More later.


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