Friday, December 03, 2004

Finally Friday

I was late to work today because I got to follow on of the city trucks for 20 minutes at 10mph blowing leaves all over the place. It wasn't bad enough that he was driving as slow and humanly possible, but I was getting pelted with leaves the entire way. Nice. I know those trucks are hard to drive because I've got my CDL permit. I'm certain they don't have to be driven at 10mph. Anyway.

I was talking to Jeff about how excited we are on coming down to Florida in 27 days. He mentioned that they'd found a local Karoake bar and we'd have to go sing some Karoake while we were there. Jeff, can sing. I'm not sure if I can or not, but at times I can be entertaining. I remember Jeff and I were at Riverbend after our Senior Year of high school. I think we'd had enough of the girls we were dating so we decided to go alone - or something along those lines. Our favorite radio station had a karoake booth set up, so we decided "Hey, this will be fun. Let's do 'Rock My World Little Country Girl' I bet we can do that." Bear in mind that we were 18, and we didn't discuss who did what part so it was bad. I'm sure if Brookes and Dunn had heard it they would have yanked us offstage. The tape still exists somewhere, but hopefully it will never be heard again. I remember they were having a contest and the winner got $100 or something. We went up to the stage thinking we would win, but somehow between our minds and the speakers, they probably would have given us the award to get off stage. It was fun, but we listened to it the rest of the night lauging as hard as we could.

Enjoy your weekend!


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