Saturday, February 26, 2005

Movie Reviews - Wicker Park, and Friday Night Lights

Both good movies. I really liked them both. We'll start with Friday Night Lights. I actually expected a little more from it than I got. I was expecting something more along the lines of Varsity Blues. It was like Varsity Blues, just without the humor. Billy Bob Thornton made a very good, very believable High School Coach, and Tim McGraw was very good as the obsessive Dad. It was weird to see Tim McGraw in that role - so much so my wife didn't believe it was him until we saw the credits. It was good. It's PG-13 so it's good clean fun and more of a drama than a comedy. I almost cried at the end if that tells you anything.

Wicker Park would have been better if it didn't have Josh Hartnett in it. I think he's an alright actor, but I don't see the real hype about him. Wicker Park is not your typical romance and the filmography is neat but sometimes a little too busy. It's sortof like Sleepless in Seattle meets Fatal Attraction. The plot centers around Josh Hartnett and Diane Kruger (from National Treasure, and Troy) who have a psycho girl come between them solely to keep them apart because she's obsessed with Josh Hartnett. For most of the movie they're searching for each other, not knowing where the other is or what happened to them. I won't tell you how it ends, but I liked it, and it was well worth the rental.


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