Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ahh, yardwork.

So, I've found that this getting old and being a homeowner thing comes with new hobbies. I spent a lot of time Saturday trying to establish a yard. The ass clown that lived here before us just set fires everywhere and according to the neighbors never mowed or anything. I can't say that I'm suprised because the grass was three feet tall when we moved in. Well, at the edge of our back yard is this odd hump - that did have grass growing on it, and a ton of weeds. Not your average weeds mind you, these are enourmous thorn bushes and something that resembles hay. Most of these were as tall as I am so you can imagine the site of a 5'10" guy with a weedeater (which I'll get to in a minute) and a lawnmower hacking away at these things. My Dad's advice was "Just cut out a little at a time when you cut the grass. Just take an extra pass as the edge of the woods when you finish up every other time you cut it." Not me, I wanted that extra eight feet of yard that the neighbors had and I didn't. Have I mentioned that our neighbors have the perfect lawn? Yeah, nothing like inheriting a lawn that sucks. It's not the worst lawn on the block but it's pretty close. Anyway, I'm working on it. Our neighbors on both sides have a fence, fences that until recently went eight feet beyond the edge of our yard. I didn't think this looked right so I spent about eight hours this weekend hacking away at this with my trusty weedeater and only burned up two heavy duty cords and a full tank of gas on the lawnmower. I drank so much Gatorade this weekend I should have stock in the company. Needless to say the lawn is a little bigger now. I imagine once I get grass grown on this new patch of land I've cleared I'll look back on this and go "Why did I want more grass to cut? This sucks!" So far, the lawn is coming along nicely. I should have some actual grass here in a couple of weeks.

So, the weedeater I got for my birthday. For all those concerned - it works. It came with a package of "Extra Quiet" weedeater cord. What the heck is that about? Since when did string noise on a gas powered weedeater become an issue? What candy ass said "We need to make this string quieter." No we don't - make the weedeater quieter if you want to quiet something down! My neighbor and I have the same weedeater so when both of them are going (mind you he's not an idiot so he's only got grass to trim with his) you can hear them all over the neighborhood. If someone wants to make a great innovation - and don't get me wrong this cord is a great innovation because it takes about four seconds to change out and isn't an all day deal - they need to make this thing quieter so I'm not deaf when it's done. That would be a good invention. I know, we now have electric weedeaters, but it just wouldn't be yard work if I didn't have to yank a cord 57 times to get something to start. Plus, the electric ones wear out quicker. I'm gas powered and polluting the air all the way.


Quieter power tools? Puh-lease!!

Can't wait to have yard work of my own. Greg has wicked bad allergies, so he'll mow. That's it. I get to do all the rest.
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The rest is the fun part. Weedeating and the like. We'll probably go as far as to plant some flowers this weekend, but we'll see.
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Yup. Last weekend was yard work for us as well. Notice I said us. Last year I did the yard work. This year the wife is helping. If not, then the yard is going to be minus a few things that I don't want to take care of. We got a couple of flower beds taken care of last week and we'll be working on 1 large one this weekend. The wife actually mowed the lawn for me last week (brought a tear to my eye!). I'll probably mow and get the weedeater out this weekend.

Prior to owning my own house I had never used a gas one, but I bought a gas weedeater. Hell yeah! And yes I have to yank and yank on that damn cord. I don't remember my least amount of pulls, but I do know that I can't move the switch down from full throttle or it kills. The one bad thing is that I bought a spool of line and it's the wrong size. So I'll be buying another spool of that early this year. Maybe I should get the quiet stuff! It's a marketing ploy I'll bet yah. How do you know if it's quieter when you can't hear it because the engine is on!
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I'm with you on that one Christian. The string could make any amount of noise but no one would hear it because the motor is closest to you hand. Maybe I should start wearing ear plugs so I don't hear either of them, but that wouldn't seem like yard work either. Believe it or not, ours is pretty easy to start. It's a CrafstMAN weedeater with some sort of hassle free start deal. It usually starts on the first pull. I remember Dad's old one you'd have to yank on that thing a couple hundred times and then it would flood so you'd be done for a while.
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My yard will be nasty. I don't want any type of flowers that attract bees wasps yellowjackets and the like. They seem to be around already.

Im thinking a nice herb garden... lavender, rosemary, and tyme. All that girly stuff that Greg can't cook with!
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You need to talk to your friend. She's planting bee gardens by the driveway so I can't drive in and out of the house because of the thicket of bees she wants flying around. If I wasn't allergic to bee stings, she'd probably be okay with not doing any of that flowery stuff.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 5:40 PM  
So not true...

I actually planted a butterfly garden at the edge of the yard, near the trees at the back of the lot line. I have a few annuals to plant by the driveway. But that is it and they will not attract bees or wasps or any other stinging insect. You are just being a baby about the flowers, because you think that flowers are stupid.

Oh, and for the record, I put my herb garden on the deck. Those are the only flowers that he has to go near on a regular day.
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