Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Another Day, Another Mile

Well, I've decided I should take up running. Everything else I've tried doesn't seem to help me lose any weight so I'm running - one mile a day. This sucks. I was saying that I hadn't lost any weight when someone asked the other day and he said "well, you're probably just adding muscle back on so don't go by the scale, go by how your clothes fit." They don't fit any better than they did a few months ago. I have lost five pounds, but my clothes aren't getting any bigger. I keep telling my wife it's because she's leaving them in the drier too long. Yeah, she doesn't believe it either.

Well, I'm officially 27. It's no different than 26, except your older. I'm officially late 20's. On surveys, I'm now in the 27-30 bracket instead of the 26 and younger. I can't say as I'm bothered that much by this. As far as birthdays go, this one was pretty good. It cracks me up how as a kid it was always video games and movies and things like that. This year, it was shovels, a rake, and a weedeater. I imagine some people would complain, but I was pretty excited. I almost fired up that bad boy at 10:30 when I got home but I thought my neighbors wouldn't like that too much. Well, tonight I'm home early and they need to watch out. I may just go weedeat the yard before dinner. Wouldn't that be fun? Yep, I'm definitly late 20's. No keg parties, no late nights in bars, just working on my house and cutting my grass. Shoes. Shoes were also something else I thought I'd never receive as a present, but I got some. They're nice too. How cool is that? Okay, I'm not cool it seems. At least I've still got my health. Here I am, running a mile every day and this morning I bench pressed 300 lbs. These are some milestones. I think next week I'm going to hit the two mile run and see how that goes.


Happy Birthday to you. Turned the big 27 last October. Didn't feel any different.

300 pounds is also a big one. I just went by 200 this last month (205). I'm a LONG ways from where you are. Perhaps end of the year I'll be a bit closer! I can only hope.

On the weight loss stuff running will help (have you tried HIIT?) but it all comes down to nutrition (as you probably know). It's taken me forever to understand that and now I feel like I know a very small amount about it! It's a work in progress. You'll get there. Only time I didn't have to worry about what I ate was when I was riding my bike 100+ miles a week (You can eat anything and everything at that point and still lose weight!)!
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Well, send me the HIIT. I think I've done it before. It's running for 30 seconds and sprinting for 30 seconds right? I could be wrong. I don't know that I have the lungs to do that, but I did make a girl I dated in college throw up from doing that one afternoon. She played basketball and that was when I was in shape so she said "Hey, help me get in shape for basketball season." Oh was that ever a mistake. I had her benchpressing 185 and squatting 225 and doing all kinds of sprints. The good news is, she was in great shape when she went back to school. Even her coach was impressed.

I did send you the workout stuff you asked about. Did you get it? I've been trying to comment on your blog but it keeps saying internal server error. Oh well, e-mail me the HIIT stuff, I might have to give that a try.
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Happy late birthday!
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Thank you Anya!
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I didn't get the workout information. Can you try and send again? I've had issues with blogger and comments as well. Not sure what the deal.

HIIT is just like you explained it. Warm up 3-5 minutes, then choose an amount you are going to sprint/run hard and then take a break. It should be a ratio of like 1:3 (1 minute hard, 3 minutes rest; 30 seconds hard, 90 seconds rest) as you improve you can cut the rest time down. Can do it on any implement (Treadmill, bike etc etc)

Nice workout for that girl. Most girls won't get out there and bench or squat heavy. WOW. I have yet to see any girls go that heavy. And when I do I will be impressed. Seen one of them doing bench press pretty easy with 95 pounds (very nice looking I might add!). And another doing a push press with 95 as well. J-Lo booty! That's why I first noticed her. I haven't seen her since. Maybe I was staring to much!
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Happy belated birthday!!
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Thanks Chas!
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