Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Excuse me...Could you just knock me out please?

The season is upon us. Most people read that and think I mean spring. No, it's rainy season. It's raining stupid people in here every day of the week. My boss walked by today while I was getting cussed out by someone. He ordered the wrong stuff. I told him when he ordered it, it wouldn't work. He knew getting it that we said "This isn't going to work. You'll be sending this back once you open the box." Now he's called back and said he's going to have his attorney call me. I think that was a scare tactic, but it didn't work. If you're stupid enough to have your lawyer call me because you ordered the wrong parts, I'm enough of an asshole that I'm going to tell him where the two of you can stick those parts.

So at the Y today they had something on CNN about a basketball player that had been injured. This guy comes over to talk to me about it like one of us is going to fix the problem of athletes being overpaid. I don't care how much they make, and I don't want to think about it while I'm working out. Maybe he was trying to make a friend so I could have been nicer. I pretty much ended his conversation by telling him this - "If you really want to enjoy sports, do what I did. Become a Harlem Globetrotters fan. There's no losing, no stats, no strikes, no trades, no contact hassles, no postseason, and no annoying media. Just winng, all the time, every game. By the way, I'm just evil enough to pull for the Washington Generals - the team that loses to the Globetrotters every night. At least you wouldn't have to put up with all that annoying, preseason optimism crap." He didn't have much to say after that. Sorry, I'm not big on pro sports. I watch Nascar and NHRA when the wife permits. Occasionally if she's napping I sneak in a Cart or IRL race. None of the drivers I pull for have ever gone on strike or been accused of taking steiroids, and the guys I've met that I pull for have always gone out of their way to sign hats and cars for me - even when they're busy. However, you're still not allowed to talk to me about Nascar while I'm working out. I might throw something out like I did to that guy.


I can't think of a stupid people thing yet, but I'm sure before the end of the day is over I'll have one. I did want to ask you if you sent your new girl to Iowa/Illinois? We hired a new girl and she's after all of the guys here and has one on the line right now if not caught already (He's in a relationship with another girl for at least 5 years...think he just tossed that one away). So if you did send her here, take her back (by the way I don't think our new girl is going to make it in the long run!)
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 1:18 PM  
No, sadly she is still here. If we could send her to Iowa, she would so be there. I would even pay for express shipping if we could find a box to stuff her in.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 8:47 PM  
Damn. I was hoping I could return the girl back to you guys! Oh well. I guess I'm stuck with her for awhile.
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 10:22 AM  
Sorry man. I think our girl has finally stopped talking to me. I get a smile every now and then, but it's more like a smirk. If I didn't think I'd get fired I'd greet her with the bird every time I saw her.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 10:08 PM  

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