Friday, April 08, 2005

Please Don't Change the Channel

So, at the Y we have this room next to the guys locker room that's kind of a guys only workout room. The sauna is right there, we've got free weights, dumbells, and a TV. Also, there is a really great pull-up bar which is why we were down there. This room is no different than any other workout room, proper gym attire must be worn at all times. Well, we're working out down here yesterday, and it was pretty much just us. Then this old man comes in and can see that in between sets (or rather during the two minute rest that this particular workout called for) we were watching Fox News. So, this old man comes in and changes the station. Okay, don't bother asking - that's fine. He put's it on the damn Hallmark Channel. Last time I checked, the Hallmark Channel still sucked. Well, I thought I'd let it slide until he left so I changed it back. Two minutes later guess who comes through? Any guesses as to what channel the TV goes back to? This time he stays, gets on a bike and reads the paper. I didn't say anything, I try to be nice to old people. I just let it build and sit through it.

The next thing was more than I could stand so I snapped. There is a sign that says "proper gym attire MUST be worn in this facility." Some jackass comes out of the steam room, walks over to the incline bench we're using, stands right next to it, drops all his towels and begins to towel off while shaking his genatalia in a way that all of us would see it. By the way, this room is lined with mirrors, so there is not spot you can look at not see this clown. After an almost three minute display, I'd had enough. "Good God man! Can you not do that in the damn locker room!!??!!" He makes the mistake of responding. "Hey man, this is the locker room. I can do this here if I want." I think the veins actually started to pop out of my forehead. "Look man, you want to display your penis in front of a mirror do it where people aren't working out. If you continue to do this in this spot where I'm working out, and this guy over here is watching the frickin' Hallmark Channel, I'm going to throw this dumbell at your chest." He covered himself with the towel and quietly walked out of the room. Sorry man, you go in to the locker room to work out, not to stand naked to see what's on the Hallmark Channel. If his feelings are hurt, I honestly don't care. Don't stand next to me and put on a penis shaking display if you don't want to suffer the consequences of your actions.


We have a similar room to this (where you were doing pullups and the such), at one of the Y's that I use but I NEVER workout there (3 cardio machines in a glass walled room that looks out over the TV..WTF??). I still haven't figured out what it's for (this must have to be something to do with past gym rooms or something). Hell in the regular workout room they have 6 TV's to watch and you can change the channel as long as no one is watching one of them. And when I go and workout before school and on lunch break there is a ton of old guys there. And they run around naked. Not the best site, which is why I quickly change, workout, shower and quickly dress to get the hell out of there.

A few months back they actually had an article in the Y 'newspaper' about how young people don't feel as confident naked as the old people. Yeah.

So how is the working out coming? Losing the weight? Getting back into summer shape?
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Well, I'm getting stronger. Found a couple new workouts I'll send to you if you'd like. One of them guaranteed I couldn't brush my hair the next day - I can't. As far as the weight goes, haven't lost a pound, but my bench is up to 285, should hit 300 in the next couple of weeks.

Funny thing, a guy was arrested today for attempting to molest a 21 year-old. People at work ask why I don't use the showers there. Sadly the downtown Y is a gay pickup place. I guess when you get old you just don't care who sees you naked, but some of these people - like Mr. Penis Shaker Man wasn't that old, just wanted everyone to know he had a penis. Really, I'll believe you - you don't have to show me.
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Mr. Penis Shaker Man ....LOL

That's just gross really. Boys' doodads are funny lookin anyways...add mirrors and shaking and the Hallmark Channel and it starts sounding like a comedy show!

I can remember trying to get cleaned up in the women's lockeroom and being grossed out when old women insisted on doing their make up and hair at the mirrors entirely naked. Why couldn't they get dressed THEN do their hair and make up?
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That would certainly make more sense wouldn't it? The problem with our Y is that there are gay men in charge of the locker rooms, so no matter how much the straight people want invidual showers and locker rooms, we won't get them because the gay community wants to make sure its all open.
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300 pound bench press? Damn I've got a long ways to go. I'm trying to cut some fat off right now. Weight isn't going down, BUT, I'm assuming that I'm putting on some muscle and burning some fat as well. Go ahead and send me the workouts you have. I'm still awhile away from doing any new one's, but I'm always curious to see what other people are using.
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Happy Birthday, Dear!
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