Monday, March 21, 2005

It just isn't the same...

Sorry guys, this post will be a little depressing. I guess when I was younger I never thought about death or aging. I always thought my Dad would always be young, my mother would always look like she did when I was two, and my grandparents would always be around. They're still here, so the post isn't going to be that depressing. Both of my parents went to Auburn so all my life we've gone down to watch Auburn football games at least once a year, sometimes more. I was there with my Grandfather when we beat Florida, and was ready to fight when he was trash talking the Gator fans. This weekend we went down for Auburn's pre-season game called the A-Day game. It's just something they did for the fans and we've been to several. I even got to meet Bo Jackson at one of them. Anyway, when I was younger I could hardly keep up with my grandfather he walked so fast, and he could pick me up and carry me up the stairs if I was lagging behind. This weekend was a different story. He still walks fast, but he's aged considerably. It really hit home this weekend for some reason. Mostly because it was me helping him up the stairs at the end of the game. I guess I should just accept this as part of life, but I've never thought of them getting old or one day not being around.

In lighter news, the game was fun. As always my grandfather said he didn't want a hot dog, and finished the one I gave him in two bites. The team doesn't look too good, so if you're and SEC football fan you may not have to worry about losing to Auburn this year. I have a feeling that South Carolina will be a team to beat this year since they have the evil genius in their corner. We had a good trip down and a safe trip home. It was good to see my grandparents again as always.


If by evil genius you mean Steve Spurrier then (shudder) I don't know you. I loathe that man.

Ask me about when he was coaching the Skins... I'll tell you all about misery.

Anywho, it is sad to realize your grandparents are no longer those mythical boisterous people they once were. Wait til you make them great-grandparents!
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Oh that will be a while. They won't be great Grandparents for some time yet.

Speaking of, are you a mommy yet?

Yes, Spurrier is the evil Genius. I don't think anyone likes him, but you can't take away what he did at Florida for all those years.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 4:39 PM  
I hear you on the grandparents front. I visited my grandparents 2 years ago over Memorial Day weekend and they weren't the same. I suspect it's the last time I'll see them, which is good and bad. Good because I won't see them deteriorate, which they have, but bad because I won't see them. It's a case where you will have to remember all the good times spent with your grandparents. Like your football games I remember my Grandfather taking me on this awesome fishing trip. We only got to do it once, but it was awesome. We always caught fish.

As for college yeah I don't follow division 1 that much...well that is until it gets to the bowl games. League I follow is Division 2A. Montana Grizzlies. They've been the Florida of that division for about 15 years now. In that league you don't have to worry about the BCS. It's a playoff schedule. :)
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