Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Just stop talking and cut lady!

So, I got a bad haircut this weekend. I've been going to the Great Clips near where we live and I've had two girls that have been doing it since we moved in. It's usually fast, done right, and they don't tell me about their problems while I'm getting my hair cut. I'd prefer it that way. This weekend I got some girl that made sure everyone knew she was upset because of all the horrible stuff going on in her life. Okay, she's having a rough week. When I'm having a rough week, I certainly don't tell my customers. It isn't their problem, they can't fix it. I didn't want to know about her viral bronchitus, the assault charges she was pressing, or how much she missed Ohio. Trust me, we'd rather you be in Ohio too. If this is the best you can do. I thought for a while I was just being shallow but from now on I've decided to be shallow. If there are three hot girls cutting hair, and one ugly one - I'm leaving. I always get the three toed sloth that has a truckload of emotional baggage that she chooses to share with everyone. What do I get out of the deal? Hair that's all one length and a comment "Wow, that's short huh?" My instructions are simple. Short on the sides, use a number three guard, leave the top long because I like it that way, and I'm in denial about going bald. Seriously, my entire head looks like it was cut with a number three guard. She didn't listen because when she wasn't coughing she was telling me about having to press charges on some guy and how her brother and uncle were ready to come down and handle the guy. Wonderful. Pay attention to what you're doing! I guess I shouldn't complain because I could have requested one of the hot girls, but I thought "Nope, I won't be shallow. I'm sure she can cut hair just as well." I was wrong. Next time I'm going to be shallow. Shallow is shallow, but hopefully it will get me a decent haircut.

On a lighter note, I've been making progress around the house like nobody's business. I flew home last night and cut my grass, then cut my neighbors front yard because he's out of town and it was three feet tall. This morning I woke up at six to throw grass seed on my newly developed area and clean up a little more around the edge of the yard where I've been cutting back the mess of weeds the jackleg who never mowed his lawn let grow in. I even bought some topsoil and spent about an hour before work this morning looking specifically at stuff that is going to make my lawn come in nice and green. That's dedication. The feeling of accomplishment just can't be beat. I never thought I'd enjoy doing yardwork, but I have this strange feeling of satisfaction that I've accomplished something when I'm done. It's nice. Really it is.


Wowza! That IS some serious dedication! Before work even!

My husband does all the yard stuff. Sadly, I'm a plant killer. I love them but I simply can't keep them alive. So my husband decided he'd take full responsibility so we could have a nice yard. On occassion I'll water the plants, but I always ask exactly how many seconds he wants me to hold the hose on each plant...that's how deadly I am to the yard!
Oh! And I'll spread bark mulch too...seeing as how that's already dead, I can't very well mess that up too badly.
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Damn...your putting me to shame on the yard work. I'm going to have to get out there this weekend and finish up a couple of the flower beds. Hopefully the weather will turn nicer. This weekend it never got about 60 degrees and the sun was not seen. Jacket required at all the time. Those are just excuses for the fact that I didn't really have time. And the Tru-Green people haven't come yet. UGH. Need to call and rattle their cage. Keep up the hard work. It will be worth it when it's done.
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